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Xiao Feng spent ten years in Fengcheng, it was the first time such a situation. He simply pulled down the window and looked probe, not only roadside willow, reach into the head, the curb on the street on both sides of the brick crevices, as long as the soil is bare | exposed place is an emerald green. He shook his head, and some uncertainty, "is probably the sea, warm weather it again this year." Yan nodded more, he found a hat to bring Ling Xi Lu, wrapped it and gave him a scarf, two out of the hand of Uncle Lee home yard. When passing the big willow, big black not as vigilant as to when. Yen more slight frown, "It seems that things have gone a tree." Land under a pressure face lighted up, carefully follow the car. He had never been in such a high-level car, and sometimes some timid. But then I thought he was going to be beaten to death the brother peak. Anyway, he is also a chance, if the money from the hands of suckers hug it? Hug point is the point, how the land have Lingxi in parent child debt is not only right and proper thing. Even less is lost point hug face things, a face can be worth.

New things always easy to arouse people's interest, Lu Ling Xi front panel study for a long time. Fortunately, the easy route because of boredom left at noon, and now he is the only one shop, he does not worry about being found their behavior strange. Unfortunately, no matter how he point panel above or without any prompt. His knowledge of the force of nature or limited to the words. Well, Lu Ling Xi bachelor's thinking anyway prompted when the panel will naturally prompt, even if he now Xiangponaodai he could not think. After figured out, Lu Ling Xi no longer entangled force of nature, a man sitting on a wicker chair holding yesterday to buy the book and began to read seriously. One would have thought Lu Ling Xi go out, hesitantly: "Mom, you first wash it." "Little West you stay in the car." The more Yan told: "I'll see how it?" Fang Lei also bring people to retreat. With a variety of magical Fengcheng spread, and there set off tourism boom with investment boom. In various investments, real estate is clearly the most profitable one. Chukyo Many companies have a plan to get to the Fengcheng, co-P is no exception. Yanshi Hui is very much valued, which as a stand up battle. Lost its largest shareholder, he wants to firmly secured the position of chairman of the board, shareholders must take to make money, in order to get support. "Little bastard." Leave the hospital the first night, Lu Ling Xi sleep. His excited to roll and how could not sleep, thinking about the mind are all big red tomatoes, just wait for them the next day opened his eyes on all backyard tomatoes grow out. Listen to understand the black color, then grumbled climb on the shoulders of Ling Xi Lu, Lu Ling Xi rub rub the face, it was a long two teeth, how will bite so large teeth marks? Unfortunately, Lu Ling Xi did not understand its interpretation, as Yan Yue, the bad guys! "Scared, right? In fact, nothing is a little shook. Fengcheng old earthquake here, like a habit." Uncle Lee a weathered tone.

Sales of new Chlorophytum gradually slow down when entering early December, which is Xue Tong Yan and more expected to do. They come in addition to the large black back then, but also the evolution of breeding before the bitter water river grass transplanted to the spirit, the way and then go back to dig out some bitter grass cultivation. Ling Xi Lu at home already tested, bitter grass evolution of cyanide in the water absorption effect is very significant. He contrasted around eelgrass transplants concentration of cyanide in the water, which significantly reduced the concentration of a lot more clear some of the water quality. This result is very happy Ling Xi Lu, Yan even more are surprised. "Over the years by the big black days favor." "Hey ...... You can not ......"

Morning time will soon be over, Wang Shuxiu afternoon and prepare for work. Lu Ling Xi Wang Shuxiu looked at his eyes tired, he wanted to hesitate to propose discharge. Just the energy from below ground and he Quanguo Wang Shuxiu not need to come to the hospital so early. His body almost recovered, you can take care of themselves. Wang Shuxiu was heard of him, Lu Ling Xi will have a discharge plan. Today a land so a water Lu Ling Xi is thinking of early hospital. Land and water from a discourse can be learned, some of the family's economic distress, whether he was hospitalized water or land a gamble, by Wang Xiushu are hard-earned money. Lu Ling Xi Wang Shuxiu no way to confidently looked hard, whatever you want to alleviate some of the burden for her. "Work?" Easy route to the interest, to see strange smile Lu Ling Xi, "I know it very suitable for the present have a job for you. Do you remember my cousin, right? Read gardening is that cousin, graduation can not find working his own home garden shop. she is now pregnant, is looking for someone to help her Kandian it. I think you have the third point that afternoon weeding intentions strength, her Kandian absolutely no problem. "Crotonic Acid Out of caution, they quickly back to Lu Ling Xi workstation. Neighbor against prying eyes, Lu Ling Xi Yan with the more polite farewell, "Thank you, really trouble you today."

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