Disperse Dyestuff

The more relaxed attitude Yan, Lu Ling Xi also followed down the heart. They were packed with six less than back home. 301 door to door is the Xiao Feng. As soon as he got up, big black body suddenly straightened up, growled at him whispering. Black roar brought back bad memories of the land of water, his face flashed Ju Yi, heart reluctantly sat down again. This sentiment is too strange for Lu Ling Xi concerned, he was a bit dazed sitting in front of the chair, squatting toward the cashier following big black beckoned. Black Britain Britain's ran, crouched in front of him.

Lu Ling Xi crooked eyes, he felt Zhanglao so good, I really like that they are so. In Zhanglao before they come, Lu Ling Xi has basically been seen almost the same, except that several strains of Calla other plants are dead thoroughly. Without the force of nature, he can not do anything. Calla put away the earth, and Lu Ling Xi with Zhanglao Zhaolao back micro gardening. Jaguar car, the more deadpan face holding the steering wheel, slender forefinger rhythmic tapping the faint revealing a hint of patience means. Co-pilot on his side, silver cell phone lying there, the display shows the call. Wangshu Xiu Ling Xi Lu received a phone and hurried back to see is a land of water hung a wounded leg, sitting in the living whoops whoops of cried, a large black dog squatted while eyeing staring at him. For several days the Yen spare, black forced to adapt to this new environment in his pocket. "Little son of a bitch." Yan Yongde look bad, he scolded: "Ah now think the more you do go as early as the son of the Arab much more pressure to temporarily take a break Yan Hao alone a sea wants to pry the Arab position also??. not enough." Bid farewell to Uncle Lee, Ling Xi Lu Yan and the more that the small stone thing. The more I heard Yan Xiaojuan small stones in children, very unexpected. But more surprising is the small Stone said Lee uncle like him can understand dog sounds. It also such a thing is no way to verify Uncle Lee Yen Ling Xi Lu allow more thought as to know nothing. If true, and small stones compared to Lee uncle but fly much, he certainly would not go out aired. Lu Ling Xi nodded, quickly rushed over bath, obedient lying on the bed. Yan thought he gave a message more and more, "Yan brother you home yet? I want to sleep, good night." "Asked situation? Ask what circumstances? My son have amnesia, do not know anything."

With the big willow shrouded within the spirit of the scan, it evolved after the information also appears in the top panel. Wang Chaoliang looked very much like a large black, Ling Xi Lu said with a smile: "You Grandma Wang said the Black know everything, let me tell those big black Lu Ji legs are specially to the big black halogen, did not dare salt, black is either like to eat, next time another flavor. " "Sis what are you doing!" Tian sister held her hand to prevent discharge. Death Wang Shuxiu gas, water flapping landing a hit. "I will let you gamble, I will let you gamble." Large black paw poke to get the shotgun, quickly sprang a stray dog, ran off the only gun. Black squinted around in a circle, facing it with a few people shiver: "Dog dog ...... Tai Sin?" Plant Requirements: root damage He finished tease and tease big black Lu Ling Xi, the "flower of the Force" to send to the front of a large black hands, quips: "Big black remember our family it Lisa, Lisa, also the last time you fought side by side with the big black of which over the years our family has a long-year-old Lisa, 女大不中留, big black you can not be responsible for it? " Lu Ling Xi surprised a moment, turned around to see the man nodded his head upturned. Yan did not take long the meal took Lu Ling Xi gave him a bag of tomatoes picked leave, although he Conscience will still want to be, but I know Eat Hot Tofu, to be too late, only angered Wang Shuxiu suspect, or steady and good. Lu Ling Xi: "......"

Concerning the white panel, the color can not say anything and leaves Kang, only vaguely said:. "Fengcheng sea, warm days this year, probably influenced by it." Yen more could be crazy. From the beginning of the meeting, he went completely heard in the video saying the opposite of what thoughts are on the side of Lu Ling Xi body. Teenagers do not know him this cute look much temptation, Yan did not mind working more now, just want to be forced to juvenile pressure in the body.Disperse Dyestuff Lu Ling Xi obedient back a few steps, big black muffled growl, bite down open bun. After eating two buns, big black he would not eat any more. Lu Ling Xi puzzled, he does not feel able to eat two buns. Last rumors things out grandfather has said nothing, but rather Yin Ya kept jumping up and down, just to look at the dinner grandfather's attitude. Yan the thought of his intention, gently knocked on the steering wheel, his expression became cold up.

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