Solvent Dyestuff

"When I go back and punish it." Yan Yue process simple and crude. "Yan more." Yan eyes flashed a hint of the more interesting, cold and said: "? You just said Konishi and his mother want you to divorce"

Lu Ling Xi silence does not speak, Su grandfather stared Sulang a dissatisfied, how to tell these patients? What name who died failed surgery, this is not to scare people? You see, the boy was terrified, right? They live from the cell to the airport takes about forty minutes, Lu Ling Xi package turned positive he found the phone, suddenly touched a booklet. "What is it?" He blankly look to the hands of the booklet, when printed on the cover of the booklet to see the words, face all red moment. Xiao Feng did not even hold back a laugh. "Ten o'clock, roll go to sleep." Xiaye Ban Wang Shuxiu just come back, the cell door to buy milk. Her dislike fried fritters oil is not clean, come back and face their own baked bread. Lu Ling Xi guilty conscience could not help but hear him say it. He first gave the green dill watering time do not understand anything in the hospital, or how he Sulang pointing watering. Turned around a few days, he became the breath of very powerful people, the Soviet Union would not be surprised grandfather ah? They left not long after, a land of water from a corner nook drilled out, foul-mouthed toward the car pulled away spat. Peak brother looked very happy vegetables studio head, just received yesterday the first crop of vegetables on Baba boss sent flowers to the results just by heavy rain trapped in there. But wondering cub, estimated peak brother kinda grateful heart heavy rain, anxious to keep it a big rain falls. Lu Ling Xi: "......" Fang Lei funny hair down it, to ensure that the: "OK, after the dried fish are small and pale, and not to other cats to eat."

Lu Ling Xi nodded. He rewarding trip to the flower garden is not only a big willow joint plants all been evolutionary, there is a force of nature panel five-point bonus. He should think about these five points with the force of nature where, can not easily wasted. Yan Ling Xi Lu in the bow of the head pro at, as appropriate, and said:. "I find a box to keep it in there to see what it looks like before tomorrow morning can untie knot pretty good" he said, thoughtfully watching to a small black snake, allowing big black reaction so big, this small black snake is definitely not an ordinary snake. Just saw a small black snake knot untied anxious look, the more color headache up, even if it's another powerful breed, so stupid but what is the use. A few minutes later, the principal of the school personally Luguang Jing sent to the school gate. Some time ago Luguang Jing contacting schools intend donated an indoor stadium, the school outside of donation is very welcome, accompanied Luguang Jing president personally visited the school several times. Lu home school thing is not clear, but faintly heard Eleven years ago lujia children went to school here, and later dropped out because of health reasons. Today, the child died, the family wanted to do something to commemorate the child. Xue Tong did not speak, he stared at the basin "mutation" begonias looked and looked, and my heart is still figuring it out of the hybrid, the possibility of mutation is too small. After all, compared to hybridization, different change is not easy.

"Zaozhidaojiu not hard to give you a nest, just buy more convenient mat." Chlorophytum promotion of these issues encountered, the more there is no telling Lu Yan Ling Xi. In fact, his heart is very contradictory, I can only hope that the juvenile has been worldly, to shield him from the wind and rain outside of everything, and if you really feel responsible for the boy, he would make a teenager to see the real world, rather than by his beautification over society. The more his face sometimes feel the mood quite like parents' children, because too much tension, so will trembling, overwhelmed.Solvent Dyestuff Lu Ling Xi Listen funny, touched a large black head, seriously said:. "Black is not picky eaters, eat anything, more well-behaved than the black" Too excited last night, causing him to fall asleep almost two o'clock in the morning unknowingly sleep for a while. Just opened his eyes, Lu Ling Xi to smell the aroma of the food. He rubbed his eyes dressed, opened the door to see Wang Shuxiu is busy in the kitchen.

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