High-wash Dyestuff

Time is over 6:00, the three left together packed with micro-gardening. Yan proposed to the small restaurant to eat, can be considered to Hong Ye Jie Feng welcome home. Lu Wei Ling Xi just want to see the white in a small restaurant to be too accustomed to study, immediately nodded in agreement. Kang Ye-off with the Lord, but also on small restaurant full of curiosity, happily he agreed to down. His questions for the Yen a bit of shock, "What?" "You see small business owners, peony roots rock pots seem good, I do not know how else?"

Xiao Feng to a small restaurant, easy route to see the upstairs window. "The youngest Look, brother to the peak." Lee uncle was subconsciously he paused, picked up a few small bones with flesh eating good old dog placed in front of a dog bowl. Old dog seemed to realize what Uncle Lee squinted one eye, you do not call out the. Kang Ye Dongzhi know Kazakhstan is ready to adopt two people, fear a bad impression his two ha, and quickly came up and asked: "?. How two of Kazakhstan has been very good." Curious easy route towards the direction of landing Lingxi schematically looked, she saw a white van parked bike in the left corner. Truck door was open, the man had seen QiuJun it seems to be called, is squatting on the roadside studying a willow saplings. "Konishi in the flower garden, we are now going to the mountains or to be?" Micro-gardening reputation slowly play out, Lu Ling Xi temper and soft and good to speak, inside the environment is also especially good, a lot of customers come to think of passing nothing to tease him. As long as they entered the micro-gardening, more or less have to take the time to buy something. This month down, Lu Ling Xi calculated that, excluding labor, the more he and Yan net profit actually earned two million. Xiao Feng laughed out the door, wondering very much like to eat flowers in front of the house on the street Jiang Zhouzi, just big black has come back, would be to buy pork to eat a few nights. Konishi like rice lotus root, the color seems to be quite fond of the same store sells braised pork, also known as points together, and he walked ...... wondering what to buy, the whole family is like.

It soon out of town, the driver is also estimated less encountered such outsiders Zheng New River, excitedly told him all the way. Approaching the spirit of water village, the driver schematically Zheng New River toward the front, "See, the big willow tree is the spirit of water village, next to the house there is a large willow garden, which raised flowers are notoriously good." Lu Ling Xi blinked, sly look, "If I carry four boxes come true, my mother lips do not say, and my heart will certainly be unhappy."High-wash Dyestuff Black whining called a few times, reluctant to lift the mouth. Lu Ling Xi crooked eyes, thumbs touched the big black head. Yan nodded the affirmative.

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