Phone female cycle repeated words kept going around. Yen more restrained the impulse to put the phone out of the window, waiting for the phone across the mother hang up. With the red light turns green, traffic surging Yen slightly more dispersed in the eyes of some impatience. He casually looked out the window one, drove away from this junction. Xiao Feng and Xiao Hong chatting change the way Fengcheng, so they've got home about 15:00 and more 4:00. They parked at the door 3 units together to the house while carrying things. Shaw did not feel big black one million sniffed the breath out of the car safely upward wailing woo loudly. Beware not spent a walnut, just hit the top of its head. Yan more fascinated pro | kiss landing Ling Xi, so he put the body of Ling Xi Lu suck | sucked out various marks, both in the hands of over-release, he was contented liberalized Lu Ling Xi. Although the Yen still do not understand teenage drunk before, then what is the meaning, but a teenager in his arms, Sentimental and fresh, he has been holding in my hand the baby, it was enough.

Small restaurant just opened, Lu Ling Xi often work to come and help. Nearby residents will know that on the Ling Xi Lu. Later the little restaurant to the guests more and more appropriate understanding of Lu Ling Xi more and more people, we know that he is the son of the boss, small business owners can be considered here. Yen more mouth brought back, hold back the urge to go around Ling Xi Lu, waved toward the juvenile, the rate went into the house. Lu Ling Xi do not think the other, followed behind Yan Yue. Yan has just entered the room was the more force in the arms, eagerly kissed lips. Long thoughts full condensate for a kiss, how are reluctant to let go of the Yen Lu Ling Xi. Hot love | want in the body rises, the more patience Yan desire for young, tightly confined him in his arms, until the pro Lu Ling Xi faint, long while slow, but God. "And you had a small West 20th birthday, we went abroad to get married." He whispered: "? Good" Poor co-movement of these no hidden Yan Yue, he soon knew by Ya Yin Wei Lu Lu Ann Father catch opportunities. Father Lu probably optimistic Rubescens this project, said that it would take the initiative to get a new drug helped Yin Ya certificate. In the meantime, Ya Yin Xiang Board applied for a sum of money, ready to be used as new drug promotion costs. All this in a foreign country, although far Yanshi Hui know, but the details are not clear. Ya Yin He never expected to be so bold, dare to holding study of semi-finished fool the board. "Pulse How many?" "60" Lu Ling Xi nodded, totally did not expect the Yen would cheat him. The more he looked at Yan went terrace and closed the door, which does not complain. Wang Shuxiu laugh listening laughed, readily Ling Xi Lu in the head a slap shot. "Little bastard would say nice. Do you feel good and live with me, so you have a wife estimated that respect me too unsightly." Lu Ling Xi pleasing against Wang Shuxiu revealing a big smile, Wang Shuxiu did not get his way, stare and go back to pick up from the kitchen. Lu Ling Xi hesitated a few seconds, a small channel: "Do not hurry, Yan brother you have prior work, do not rush back to."

Ye Kang Tanshou, "he resigned, not now in Beijing, dinner is out of the question." Because the plant is too lush rainforest which rarely see the sun, initially suited the past, Lu Ling Xi soon got used to the inside environment. Reach into the head, in addition to trees and vines wound staggered towering, more of epiphytic algae, moss and a variety of ferns. These normally inconspicuous covered with plants around the trunk and branches, as if covered with a thick green carpet. In addition to colors in addition to beautiful flowers, occasionally unknown animal rustling climb, the whole rainforest exhibit a mysterious and unpredictable beauty. Yen in Vietnam back in Beijing the next day to see the Yanshi Hui. Fang Lei blanket down, "I send you back, will also be just nothing."

Xue through the arms of this strain of rock peony very good shape, spread out like layers of lotus. From the outside it seems no problem, but the spirit scanning shed, vegetative state is displayed lack of nutrition. Lu Ling Xi hear a lot of customer praise, still a little embarrassed. "Can I help you?"Ciclopirox Fang Lei guess people in the village will not be doing? Taking advantage of a power outage in the village, the village people know to use this well, in which intentional poisoning. But he has not had time to say, there xiaonianqing shouted, "It must be the spirit of water village people doing this village near the water and the Spirit will let any grudges." He said these words, expression is very serious, like a little face plate in the promise of what promises the same. After Lu Ling Xi Wang Shuxiu from the age of three have not seen him look so well-behaved, the moment the smiling Lu Ling Xi pressure in the arms, holding his head and kissed his forehead.

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