Micro-gardening reputation slowly play out, Lu Ling Xi temper and soft and good to speak, inside the environment is also especially good, a lot of customers come to think of passing nothing to tease him. As long as they entered the micro-gardening, more or less have to take the time to buy something. This month down, Lu Ling Xi calculated that, excluding labor, the more he and Yan net profit actually earned two million. Lu Ling Xi smiled and handed the big black tomatoes, big black n eat, do not know when the fence to jump a little white kitten, directed at the Black Direction "meow" sound. Ling Xi Lu laughed, he knew the cat upstairs Yang grandmother big cat kittens born some time ago. Only two months old, do not look so small, courage is not small, often skip the first floor of the Black provocation. Lu Ling Xi no requirements for distances traveled, the only requirement is only able to open a little hope easy route stability. While Black is not here today, but he is about to stand Jinbei bumps.

Until the Kunlun plane, the smile Yan did not stop. He recalled that embarrassed landing Lingxi face mingled with shocked expression, only that the body had almost not suppress the urge. Now if only he and two people like Lu Ling Xi, Yan heart more thought, obscured by the hand holding luggage cart Lu Ling Xi. They help landing Lingxi speak, Wang Shuxiu scruples now the occasion, Lu Ling Xi stared at, not to pursue the black thing. Lu Ling Xi sigh of relief, it seems mom is not afraid of snakes, black anyhow had a clear path, it will no longer be a black households. If Lu Ling Xi thoughtfully prepared a card to let Wang Shuxiu moved, then a regeneration of what is to let Wang Shuxiu up angry. She bluntly pinch Lu Ling Xi face a, Liu Mei stood, "Your mother I have 42, and you can feel raw?" Ye Kang coughed slightly, "Yan more." Middle-aged men listened stupefied, "What now?" No matter how Wang Shuxiu heart apprehension, fear brat on social disadvantage, micro-gardening or simply neatly placed under the name of Lu Ling Xi, black and white, and even on the business license have been replaced Ling Xi Lu. Just a year ago, college students through high Xue Yongliang found him, and raised his cooperation. High Yongliang these years has been in the foreign cosmetics company, barely mixed with a little tricks. The most drastic of his return to work, with many years of experience that want to create their own make-up brand. Two in the morning, the cold face Yan sitting in front of a computer. The other side of the computer assistant Yan Yue Jie. Yan Jie is the university students, after graduation has been followed by Yan Yue, it has been five years time. The Yen returning more specifically to Andrzej stay in a foreign country for him and sits Temple Group overseas subsidiaries. Lu Ling Xi heard some loss, etc. after he react immediately pointed ears red. But speaking in addition to the morning outside a little sleepy, Lu Ling Xi's body without any exception. Yan is not how the more a night to sleep, but now they are still as lively as ever. They know that this is the effect of evolution, evolution not only bring animals and exchanges, as well as physical upgrade and improve.

"How so fast? No more Wanji Tian in Beijing?" Wang Shuxiu bit surprised. With that question, Fang Lei arrived songjiazhuang. These days songjiazhuang unstable power supply, frequent power outages. A power outage means without water, people sometimes anxious village water, it will go to a village behind the old wells that draw water. Fang Lei around the mouth of the old well looked a long time, and commanded the water to take home the contact detection, if not unexpected, it is the well should be poisoned wells. Poisoning patients this hospital also proved, all the family was poisoning all who come here who mentioned water. This is the first Fang Leigang ready to catch up on sleep a few days not seen the little gray menacing rushed over, gently leap jump Fang Lei's face, angrily meow up. When the home Yan, Yin Yin Yongde Seiran being accompanied. "What do you mean little bastard! Also father and mother, you're trying to cheat his aging mother what?" Liu Mei Wang Shuxiu a pick, dig a slap shot in the head Ling Xi Lu. Lin Mei soon know. Taking advantage of the store the next day nobody took the jokes Wang Shuxiu. "Come on, come on and let me see your bracelets. Xiao Feng also true in that he is not afraid of your hand sink fast enough."

Last Yi Hang helped to find some simple shed in a circle around the fence block, now from the outside can not see inside the case. Lu Ling Xi quite guilty of want, but fortunately Wang Shuxiu routes are easy heart, and see the most is whispered so twelve, will not think too much. These tomatoes do not know what would grow up? Eat? President weird right? Some seeds will always reward the panel and common seed is not the same, right? Yan Yue eyes flashed hint of a smile, this time he was replaced by two fingers. "This is a few?"Crotamiton Yan all the way along the front of a small Gold Cup, when walking past a restaurant car deliberately stopped, looked at Ling Xi Lu, "what to eat?" Lu Ling Xi smiled, scanning shed spirit fixed on the cat crouching willow tree. This tree is in front of the center of the soil purification, flourish, the afternoon sun hit the trees, as if Fei color circulation on the leaves. Unconsciously, this strain of willow has evolved to meet the requirements.

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