High-light Dyestuff

Ling Xi Lu Yan and more as one, probably understand how matter. Kang Ye realize what to say, the more color paused, silent confirmed his words. Lu Ling Xi this is already very satisfied. With these bitter grass purify water, large willow roots should soon be able to extend over a range of soil purification would not be limited to this side of the river spirit but continued toward the other side of the spread. He wanted ecstatic, has quietly squatting big black around him suddenly standing up straight, his back toward the muffled roar up.

Yan just want to follow the hearing scolded, "That damn ghost weather." Black Fang Lei told you do not need to scrape together the past carefully sniffed, remember this name smuggler taste. Fang Lei looked with appreciation the big black one, think it is a big black clever. He pretended to casually stroll is walking the dog, with a big black entered the market. Darkness faded, morning dawn, sleeping the night of the city began to wake up. Yan snuffed the hands of the smoke, a comfortable bubble bath. Six o'clock, he appeared dressed in the downstairs restaurant. Hang Lu Ling Xi Yi and play well, Ling Xi Lu to find a job thanks to the easy route, Wang Shuxiu look easy route like to eat tomatoes, love Ukraine and Uzbekistan under boil the tomato sauce did not forget him. Lu Ling Xi quickly shook his head, "not poisonous, does not bite, especially obedient." Fortunately, few boxes of chicken, large black short while eating clean. Lu Ling Xi carefully put away the trash, turned his head back to look at the front. Yan has been simmering in the air slowly scattered attention back on the boy's body. Studio boss by his side, along with Xiao Feng talking. Pity he said: "If you like a summer photo shoot we can go to the beach with sea view series sets out everywhere now bare, only to shoot indoors, some of the aggrieved sister-in-law..." Lu Ling Xi did not go, but well-behaved fans holding a stack of newspapers for Wang Shuxiu up. While fans while said: "Mom, I have something to tell you." Is known as a serious money old man looked, shook his head, "do not see, unlike a hybrid, more like mutation. Wing - you also get these, hybridization can there be so easy."

Lu Ling Xi quickly unscrew a bottle of water and carefully pour the pot. Be surprised that the plant needs on the panel does not change, the display is still need water. He knew he should not have any complain, his life is given by parents, his value exists because my brother needs. In the dead of night, he finished in the bone marrow aspiration pain can not sleep when he can not go to school alone and watching the neighbors go to school, he occasionally thought he hated this life, he wanted to get rid of family, to get rid of his brother. Ling Xi Lu Yen turned to see more, crooked eyes, "Yan brother you come?" Hai Yan face showing off, "Dad, you do not want to go Fengcheng get to it? I am looking for someone to find out, and now Fengcheng lot of space, but in the suburbs. Town ready to develop the South only over there behind the building foundation many residents waiting for the demolition of it. " Lu Ling Xi went out to see the color more like the last standing outside waiting for him, his eyes suddenly light up, the mouth can not help but bent a radian. Sulang nodded. Old man body actually nothing more that happened suddenly, by the stimulus little high blood pressure, like Yang Yang. Lu Ling Xi guess Huskies may be sensitive to the panel's breath was so excited. He did not care, continue to bow to a point on a white panel. With moving his finger on the panel translucent area continues to expand. From the perspective of purification, micro-gardening whole street was included and purify the surrounding area still continue to penetrate towards the extension. See here, Lu Ling Xi somewhat happy. After six months of efforts of small, whole Fengcheng, about one tenth of the urban area has been purified. These purified faint regions formed a circle, trying to entire Fengcheng included.

Ling Xi Lu Yan Yuehuai've seen in the dog food, and looked slightly shy, "Yan brother you look at the big black on the line, do not need to bring something." He did not dare say is the big black eat dog food, even the smell are I do not want to hear. Nurse holding anesthetic over black dog looked bigger reaction. Hunched angry growl, if not mobility, the more we believe it will definitely Yan rushed in to.High-light Dyestuff Wrapped | cotton pro | after kissed, holding the Yen Ling Xi Lu sitting on the couch. Lu Ling Xi somewhat uncomfortable a change of position, relying Yanyue Ping slow breath. Yan holding his more satisfied, one hand gently touched Ling Xi Lu's face, whispered: "? Just think what in the yard." Yen more nodded, seemed to inadvertently said: "? You did a good job here, have not considered the next"

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