Ethyl Crotonate

This is not a land and water Lu Ling Xi heard a job, he did not dare to appear in front of others, fear of men to see peak Brother, you sneaky look over, followed behind Lu Ling Xi, thinking will not be taking advantage of people Lu Ling Xi to say a few words. Lu Ling Xi house name is not there yet? A soft-hearted little bastard fool also put out a house. He planted this is true, and if have the money, Feng brother really want to kill him. Do not trust the Yen touched Ling Xi Lu's face, always feel a little too cold. He looked for a jacket from the back seat replaced Lu Ling Xi clothes, asked: "? It cold." Xiao Feng Yen against the more meaningful nod, the Yen hook the hook mouth, the two reached a tacit consensus.

That day Lu Ling Xi and Wang Chaoliang said good, the next day to go along with Wang Chaoliang Queenan pristine rainforest to see the field station. Just finished dinner, Lu Ling Xi back to the hotel to pack it misses something good to start early tomorrow. Andrzej puzzled, "the boss you're going to move out from the Yin family? If you're not ready resident here, I would recommend is to find a hotel apartment just fine. Fengcheng environment is not very good, the perennial haze, where the house is not much investment value. "his identity is more assistant Yan, immediately enter the work state, everything from the color of interest. "Dead dog! Let go!" Wash his face colorful color, three looks very handsome. One teenager is estimated to be the best and Lu Ling Xi relations, the first opening:. "I'm sorry youngest" He is just knew Lu Ling Xi was heavily damaged and amnesia thing, I did not expect such serious consequences. Ling Xi Lu Yan obediently listening to more of the orders, said:. "Yan brother know, I have a big black and black, all right." "Konishi, I think this pot plants with the pots that better?" "Konishi, this is not the carnation pots watering?" "Well, hurry back to it. Be careful to eat less food plot." Lu Ling Xi nodded, smiled Sulang stood behind him, looked at the green radish pointing said:. "Irrigated soil inside almost, also need to spray the leaves point"

Walk for about an hour, Wang Chaoliang schematic front of their coming. Yan Ling Xi Lu to more positive thinking cried, ringtones ringing is to Fang Lei phone. A few days before the hearing Yan Ling Xi Lu Fang Lei, said to come Queenan on business, but he did not expect to come so soon. Sulang look slightly dark, whispered: "He died a few days ago."Ethyl Crotonate "Wait, how and so on? You know how much money to spend for a day hospital? Do your black heart hospital so that my son had been unconscious, you are not going to give me a statement?" Their home in the innermost cell, Building thirty-three 101.

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