Methyl 3-aminocrotonate

Lu Ling Xi: "......" Plant Name: Clivia miniata "Pharaoh you take Konishi around around a few days found a rare Rafflesia there before." One staff member pointing Road.

Lu Ling Xi: "......" Lu Ling Xi little embarrassed, shy smile directed at the old man, curious: "? Fertilization you to do." "But better now." Lu Ling Xi joked, "Now I have a big black, has a mother, they have easy route, there Dongge, plus Yan brother, as well as micro-gardening, already has a lot of big black you is not it? " Yi-Hang Lu Ling Xi eyes fell on a light blue t-shirt and white shorts above, think the two go together, image, like small fry kidnapped as a good student, really dissonant powerful. His helpless scratched the hair, by landing Lingxi home and took a shower, a random set of Wang Shuxiu do not know when to buy land Lingxi pink t-shirt, jeans before wearing, clean face, bitter forced to see the landing Ling Xi. The Xiao Feng Xiao hung back along the northwest, spent two weeks resolutely dispose of their name in the industry. The hands changed hands, the sale sale, in addition to leaving the two houses, so they can go back and worship in the future, the other basically treated the same subject. Among the most troublesome is that the coal mines under the name of Xiao Hong. Not that people are not interested in the coal mines, but too many people are interested in, Xiao Hong had screened a long time. Lu Ling Xi Hotan sister together, along with others on the ward helped a hand, quickly packed things. He ran for the discharge another person, if he had not completely unfamiliar to Fengcheng, could not find his way home, he wanted Wang Shuxiu do not come, he was a man on it. "The true ......?" Lu a water channel some disbelief. Black seems to be listening to understand this sentence, muffled cry, in Lu Ling Xi palm rub the rub. Lu Ling Xi faint from the phone to hear the voice of the peak brother, looked a little strange to hang up the phone.

Yongchun vegetable greenhouses The more interesting Yan smiled, "It depends on how complex the Ya Yin." Lu Ling Xi subconscious horde body, then ran up somewhat embarrassed. He held his hands inconvenient for action, it is feared will hand rubs mud on the color of the suit jacket, the action quite difficult. Leaving Lu Ling Xi can not understand that the more color you do not smell the odor? How well the mood now kiss him?

Lu Ling Xi separated by a road also often hear the roar of the big black, naturally know Dongzhi large black helpless. Strange to say, is an ordinary large black dog, size is not great, due to the long life of wandering is emaciated, the momentum can be chosen very foot. Pet shop yesterday came a St. Bernard dog, perhaps feeling by the Black provocation, confront them with the big black. Dongzhi come forward quickly stopped, afraid of the big black could not carry a disadvantage. He did not wait for the results of how the big black hunched shouted a voice, St. Bernard dog turned and ran away. Ling Xi Lu Dongzhi and speaking time, and a little weird. Against the three opposite apologetic eyes, Lu Ling Xi shook his head, "No, I have forgotten."Methyl 3-aminocrotonate "You are very good here." Bearer is watching a middle-aged man forties, entered the store on the eyes flash of surprise, then smiled landing Ling Xi, generous praise Road. He looked through the panel newborn root systems in the soil, in addition to Lu Ling Xi full of a sense of accomplishment, and old Korean is more empathy joy.

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