The blue cyanine B

"This is a few?" Lu Ling Xi clutching his nose, reddish eyes, shook his head, "Nothing." Lu Ling Xi surprised a moment, turned and touched on the big black co-pilot.

Questioning police obviously know the seriousness of the problem, took several smugglers caught up in a low voice asked. Finally he was relieved to report Fang Lei: "The right side team, opened the bag which is filled with ordinary snake, substantially non-toxic and also on the amount, it should be Modiu.." Lu Ling Xi crooked eyes, Yan directed at the more exposed a smile. Yan looked the same, "they want to lead the way, we followed on the line." "Dad, Xiaoya also your granddaughter, you ......" Lu Ling Xi Xinyousuogan rise, across the glass directed at the more crooked eye color, is pleased to welcome out. "Get up, quickly wash your face ready to eat." Micro-gardening outside Xue Tong counted, as long as the successful development of high Yongliang cosmetic played reputation, flowerbeds become each other's fixed suppliers, annual sales will account for the bulk of his profits. They hit it off immediately began a preliminary cooperation. High Yongliang just what is good, that is, people are too picky, there are some perfect obsessive-compulsive disorder feel. He developed the perfume itself is born, to market new products also must have hit a perfume. For fragrance, he has six months modulation formula, and almost inside the flower garden colorful flowers oil is extracted over and over, but he has not found a satisfactory taste. Bustling wedding celebration for a long time, in a few of them gained under deliberately naughty, Lu Ling Xi some drunk. This is Lu Ling Xi Shi two first drink, drinking, when he looked at what did not, obediently sitting there, he heard the others speak, quietly very well-behaved. We all thought he was all right, the only color found his wrong. Taking advantage of no one noticed, the more touched Yan Ling Xi Lu's face, I feel a little bit hot, but it should be nothing.

Kang Ye silent for a long while, blunt the subject. "Yes, I said the name Ling Xi Lu how so familiar, just move the pots when suddenly remembered. Chukyo lujia you know, they called home youngest grandson Lu Ling Xi. But I heard two months ago has died." "Konishi, how do you here?" Su Wei very positive surprise. In addition to convenient billing, the more worried Yan Lu Ling Xi micro-gardening boring day stay, thinking for a computer, he can play the game to see what news. He'd like to buy a computer to send Lu Ling Xi, but would certainly not want to know that teenagers can only be sub-roundabout. "The youngest, Yan brother." "That is, how a man can not play, you are the end of it, you let their mother how to live?" Kunlun rainforest living here a lot of monkeys, these monkeys away from human gathering, rarely appear in front of the basic humanity. Station staff also go out occasionally seen them a few times, Yan little monkey is the mouth of the most lively and there is also the most daring one. Last also with flower gestures go for bread in their hands, but also in the case where they observed a half-day to make sure no dangerous. This situation is really like Yan mentioned more rarely. Not only is a cell backyard, then the morning Yan Lu Ling Xi go to the store, all the way over here, all along the street out of the willow shoots. On both sides of the street, the gap in the rock, everywhere visible green, occasionally pink flowers waving in the breeze. Heavy winter swept away entire city, reveals a fresh and vibrant. "...... Drip drip drip ...... ......" Yan got more, casually said:. "Buy me a house." Lu Ling Xi nothing of these ideas, make a decision like the color anyway. His interest is not here, preferring to stay in the flower garden to take care of plants.

"The doctor did you say, my son, why do not wake up?" Wang Shuxiu Liu Mei stood, pulled the doctor would not let him go. Teenager with a trace of meaning voice sounded urgent, more color can not help but look softened. "I'm back." He said to the phone softly: "?. Konishi you where I want to see you."

Unfortunately his heart, simply squat on the ground facing bud and began to read. Although Lu Ling Xi interested Rafflesia, but really do not know what good-looking bud, Yan took more looked around, take a few photos from time to time. The right of a young man watching some hesitation said: "Brother, a look that is they do not understand anything tourist, I guess we did not see, or do not complicate the issue or the ......"The blue cyanine B These days he was forced Peak brother dun powerful, all day hiding. Wang Shuxiu mind vicious woman, not a penny is not only cruel, but also everywhere clamoring to divorce him. Land and a water followed since childhood grew up with his mother, his father never even seen what. And so his mother died, his close relatives also left the Ling Xi Lu and Wang Shuxiu two people. In addition to their mother, he is really no other place to give change. Lu thought of water, Wang Shuxiu not rely on the land Lingxi little bastard son he can always rely on it. All this results a few days, Lu Ling Xi is not exactly like his father, like this. A land and water do not go, only to find Lu Ling Xi adventure. Dongzhi simple and honest smile, whispered to Ye Kang said: ".. Although they can not speak, in fact, was what all who know it well know, is the most Gratitude"

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