Crotonic Acid

Though to himself, Xue Tong Yan was the first time met with more. After the start of the greeting, Yan more straight to the point, "There are things to help Xue boss?" Xue Tong Shun Liu said, also mentioned the begonias. He also had a good character, stick to the conscience of the bottom line, or he privately cultivated begonias no micro-gardening what happened. Of course, good turn deserves another, if he had not held out for the bottom line, there will not be behind this series of cooperation and the color of the. They staggered eyes, all is calm. Lu Ling Xi stuck his head out from the kitchen, his hands still dripping wet da da, "Yan brother you come?"

Yinyong De smiled, greeted the Yen sat down beside him. Tian sister reminded her, "Little Miss fear is unwilling on." He finished tease and tease big black Lu Ling Xi, the "flower of the Force" to send to the front of a large black hands, quips: "Big black remember our family it Lisa, Lisa, also the last time you fought side by side with the big black of which over the years our family has a long-year-old Lisa, 女大不中留, big black you can not be responsible for it? " "You little bastard ......" continent-hopping cursed water. Yan Xiao Feng envy the side of the heart to start fast enough, can be above board in his capacity as the emergence of Lu Ling Xi family, while comforting Lu Ling Xi. "Mom, if guessed, I confessed to her." "Junior?" Ye Kang instant light gossip skills immediately rallied his spirits. Perhaps the family environment, the color the more emotionally somewhat over the top, these years have been a man. This is the first time I hear Kang Ye Yan The more you use this tone to mention another person. Although he said was not a juvenile girl a little unexpected, but these are minor issues. Lu Ling Xi nodded.

Lu Ling Xi react somewhat embarrassed, "Fang brother I Queenan, the store is gained with the help of Brother watching. If you worry if the little gray cub brother to like." "Amnesia?" The police surprised Road.Crotonic Acid Lu Ling Xi frowning grabbed his hand, with a soft complained: "The hair is a mess." Three days ago, suddenly contacted Li Weisheng Qiu Tian gardening, potted plants should they just sent all go back. Li Weisheng reason to look at it is that these are not potted, leadership does not like. The move is tantamount to severely beat Qiu Tian gardening face.

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