Disperse Dyestuff

Hang Yi Shui Li brother drove the unit, but did not backtrack turned into a small alley. "I remember there is a shortcut bar, to the road than we can at least about half." Lu Ling Xi nodded. Although he forgot, for him, it can be regarded as a secret panel in addition to the rebirth of the only thing. His heart is not clear panel and rebirth which sounds more bizarre number, but he is willing to face the presence of the more honest of the panel, but do not know how to speak rebirth thing. He occupies another person's body, occupy another person's family and friends. He loves life now, selfish and did not want to have any previous contact. These words he could not openly speak out against the more color, the more he was afraid to face him feel selfish, more afraid of Wang Shuxiu know sad. Two Ye Kang Ha not drag, turned gently to change strategy hop leaf flew Kang who is licking is called, very warm.

Ye Kang smiled and nodded and followed the two men into the micro-gardening. Gardening micro environment, as always, good, Ye Kang intoxicated took a deep breath. Fengcheng last left him miss the most is that the air inside the micro-gardening. Although Beijing in winter haze will be less, but the perennial moderately polluted air or let him often feel a kind of shortness of breath. "Konishi here or a good environment." Ye Kang heartfelt laments. "Want what?" The old man to see if he did not speak, ask the sentence. Wang Shuxiu thought, simply said:. "On the line today, and I'm the United States and tone classes, you go home with him at night to eat a meal." . "Oh," Su Wei suddenly positive, smiling, said:. "They say that you're a very powerful young man." Ya Yin encountered only a small episode, the more quickly recover the Yen attention. Two cars across fences wrong body, the color did not look at the other one, but the micro-gardening Guaixiang direction. Fifteen minutes later, finally received the Yen Lu Ling Xi. "Come on the train." By hard old Korean propaganda, micro-gardening business some recent hot. Lu Ling Xi a busy morning, noon and no one is planning to take advantage of with a large black to pet shops across the dinner, someone came in the door. Compared cuttings, the latter is not how Lu Ling Xi skilled. Although Qiu Tian gardening flower garden built inside the respective culture chamber, but the early Lu Ling Xi chose cutting, and slowly the number of breeding Begonia. Of course, he gradually began to learn how to use the culture chamber, to prepare for a large-scale reproduction. "You say there Zhang is released false information, what they plan?" Lu Ling Xi shook his head, he is not at all clear how it was.

Tricycle galloped all the way, and soon stopped at the door of an ordinary farm house. Man relieved, greeting people at home to open the door quickly. Usually around this time basically you can not see shadows, but today I do not know how it happened, the next door neighbor heard the car rang out with them specifically say hello, "Lai three back?"

Xiao Feng smiled to see her, "I recognize his son, and his son was kind enough to guarantee that let you wronged, you can not give me flowers birthright, right?" Pachira and large pots of green radish leaves out on the ground, Brother Lee looked over and nodded. This seems to be true Qiu Tian got the idea, I sent these good, saw that it was a lot of spirit. He commanded the logistics of these people moved in, turned to Lu Ling Xi.Disperse Dyestuff Xiao Feng did not even hold back a laugh. "Ten o'clock, roll go to sleep." Whether disinfecting cleaning fluid or sphagnum moss, which has micro-gardening. Lu Ling Xi first follow the appropriate scaling good disinfectant, then the dried sphagnum moss soaked in water for years, so it is completely saturated with water. After the preparatory work to do, he began carefully cleaning orchids.

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