Fluorescent Disperse Dyestuff

"It will not." Lu Ling Xi quickly said, saying he is a little embarrassed. He can still remember waking coma when Wang Shuxiu grabbed Chen Zhu cursed hospital money making thing. "I am not getting greedy?" Lu Ling Xi whispered against big underworld. Behind them far away, before they come all the way along the high and strong man climbs a tree hanging vines turn a few, holding a small telescope to see the direction and Yan Ling Xi Lu Yue. He recognized the Botanical Garden station, and Yan Ling Xi Lu guess estimate is more new employees here. It appears the two men probably did not see anything, otherwise it will not still be here. As a result, high and strong man on some hesitation, but also do not listen to the boss's hands while they place orders.

Sitting on a car Yan Yue, Lu Ling Xi also cooked up with him, a smile playing immediately say hello. He hurried to the backyard, he saw a shadow clinging to the fence, one leg was a large black vicious bite in your mouth, how can not break open. Separated by a wall of the small courtyard, old dog crouched on the floor looking at Uncle Lee called a few times. Lee uncle sighed, before the third bully Xu Xiaojuan widows and orphans to take care of nobody, always go to the home Xiaojuan trouble. I did not expect such a small child small stones which are in mind, we found an opportunity to take revenge. This is the first few times, Xu three afraid of dogs, he let A yellow to scare Xu III. Konishi was next and talk, not vertical with small stones that again. And dogs can communicate is a good thing, but to be used on the right path, a small stone which the children can not go awry. Xiao Feng so that the cub back to taste. Floret boss only after peak Brother, what a good brother peak gas to gas is gas that old bitch. This is the first cub put down this thing, but it is thought the cub Xiao Feng said Wang Shuxiu high Yongliang back with a gift. Speaking Wang Shuxiu he knew for so long, what not to send a gift. He also did not expect this, that the net worth of property to Wang Shuxiu by the Wang Shuxiu like flowers, not the so-called romance. Black looked at him quiet, muffled cry. Ling Xi Lu Wensheng fastest response, "Yan brother you come back?" Su Wei Ling Xi positive smiling to see the landing, "Come on, just across the river, we will to a stroll." Sulang quickly back to God, concealing laughed, explained:. "I know the point is fur, are following grandfather learned, he retired to do nothing like what to keep all sorts of flowers" Chlorophytum promotion of these issues encountered, the more there is no telling Lu Yan Ling Xi. In fact, his heart is very contradictory, I can only hope that the juvenile has been worldly, to shield him from the wind and rain outside of everything, and if you really feel responsible for the boy, he would make a teenager to see the real world, rather than by his beautification over society. The more his face sometimes feel the mood quite like parents' children, because too much tension, so will trembling, overwhelmed.

"I……" "No, me and my mom, but my mother at night, this time she has to work." Zhang Yan seen increasingly large head, sitting on his bike does not fit the broken car, as the Yen since Konishi's brother, that's what he did things. He smiled and nodded with more color, greeted Dulin cry, first drove to the front. Lu Ling Xi Although there is no social experience, know this does not seem to work looking for. He thought seriously said: "Dulin sister, I love this job you can quiz me to see if I can not do the requirements of the job.." Lu Ling Xi laughed in spite of himself, playing flexor its head a little, "you how big black so no principles, one will be an idea." Wang Shuxiu photographed a slap, Ling Xi Lu opened his eyes after a few minutes, once again in the dark. "Look at this, really good product phase, but the root is rotten." Yen more Enliaoyisheng supplemented with: "Now the new drugs being tested is already considered a success." Lu Ling Xi shook his head embarrassed, embarrassed to say fear of night to do spring | Renee to the Yen. Yen more guess what he meant, but looked down embarrassed juvenile look, just feel a soft-hearted into a pool of water. Received Yan Yue phone, leaf Kang first complained for a long time grandfather's stubborn, and finally said:. "Grandfather probably already loose he attaches great importance your attitude, you are a not optimistic about half much stronger than me, but A Why do not you in the end the more optimistic Fengcheng real estate development? "

"I'll be back soon, the big black obediently stay in the store, to be obedient."

Lu Ling Xi looked somewhat puzzled: "Yan brother you can not smell the smell of it?" Yen more to accompany his side, eyes look spoiled landing Ling Xi. Breakfast with some regret that he did not go to different places around the juvenile. If he did not remember correctly, this should be the first time Lu Ling Xi go.Fluorescent Disperse Dyestuff Micro-Gardening "I know." Wang Shuxiu to himself, little bastard actually remember clearly, but also know what to eat Huan Yan Yuexi filling. Her side just going to peel onions chop stuffing, Lu Ling Xi thought of what went into the kitchen door and asked the sentence, "Mom, you do eggplant mixed with garlic it? Yan brother kinda like to eat this one."

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