Solvent Dyestuff

Lu Ling Xi itch laughed, pushed open the big black head, while helping it along the hair, while himself:? "I think Yan brother does not seem happy, but do not know how happy I did not when a person is, there are not a large black nor friends, but I am happy when a person is, there is no close friends. Whether happy or unhappy, I hope to have a man around, and I can share the joy, anger funeral music." Black slowly off guard, whispered landing Lingxi shouted. Lu Ling Xi hear what it means, some doubts glance Daliushu schematically Yan more they go first. Lu Ling Xi, when all are done already in the afternoon, Clivia re rooting take a few days, his diligence, and the rest depends on the vitality of this strain of Clivia.

Wang Shuxiu refused to take the card, the little bastard is not easy to make money, to marry a wife keep after use. She has her own small restaurant, business was good, where the need to worry about these Ling Xi Lu. Besides Xiao Feng trust her character, not the kind of woman staring at the money man. Even if she has no money, Xiao Feng also do not hold anything against her? "Doctor, my son in the end how is it? He did not remember, you do not say the surgery is a success?" Easy route let the strange name Yan more slight frown, he just really wanted to say to his delivery, just looked a Dulin, refrained from opening. Lu Ling Xi lack of social experience, what he says are easy to fool the past, Dulin looked on smart, but also on land Ling Xi is to take care that he does not want to be seen what Dulin, but bad. Anyway Dulin few days left to say when. A former Miss Ling Xi Yan is more to say, it is after a large black. Black muffled cry, rub landing Lingxi reluctant to leave. Lu Ling Xi patience touched its head, "Black obedient." Black is now longer the strong, and inevitably someone will go out during the day with fear, but also with a muzzle or something, is not comfortable. Now think about his former life appears to be abnormal, and Wang Shuxiu, Yan Xiao Feng and more, they used the action to tell him what is a normal life. I want to understand these things and then, Ling Xi Lu in the rest of the time are very quiet, and the Yen showed unprecedented dependence. Yen more reading, accompanied him watching, Yan pack more data, he is like a small tail just like the side of the Yen. "Little gray how did you come here, how come?" Fang Lei asked curiously. Ye Kang thought of something, "outside air is also good, but still rare to see a blue sky." "I go, you alone can do it, right?" He made these, with big black has been quiet in his side, a gentle eyes looked at him.

"Go!" Ye Kang apparently not satisfied with his answer. "Konishi, this is not the carnation pots watering?" Lu Ling Xi relieved, touched a large black head, praise and said: ".. Black is very smart, but also sensible and talented people like it a lot, and I also rushing to raise black stuff" 1/100 (0-order) Ye Kang ironic smile, "poor health is his brother David Laris safe. You've been in a foreign country do not know the circumstances of their home. Laris Ann you have the impression of it, we have seen a child, thin and small, it is insignificant. Later he had leukemia, his mother gave birth to a child, that is, Lu Ling Xi. leukemia is not required matching consistency of human bone marrow transplant it? it is said that Lu Ling Xi is specifically born to Laris Ann transplanted bone marrow. so many years lujia has raised him at home nor how to see people come out, some time ago I heard Laris Ann's condition has worsened, then I do not know how the surgery when something went wrong. By the way did not resign before Sulang Laris is responsible for security, and I also see Sulang by the time of the accident involved only speech of the post. " "What? New spider plants?" Xue Tong surprise. Lu Ling Xi look a bit surprised, a little slight glance. Yan want to explain more, but do not know how to begin. A yellow apparently saw them, suddenly stopped, turned and ran toward the West Village. Fang Lei Wang Chaoliang nodded with a smile, to see Fang Lei is to give meaning to send New Year's Konishi, simply agile he chose to leave. His counterpart was not impressed Lei, Fang Lei Wang Chaoliang can remember. Wang Chaoliang left, Fang Lei conspire Lu Ling Xi before. "This is the family of the victim of a car accident last QiuJun, right?" Lu Ling Xi explained:. "I've worked here."

Lu Ling Xi blinked, sly look, "If I carry four boxes come true, my mother lips do not say, and my heart will certainly be unhappy." I do not know understand Lu Ling Xi, then big black muffled whimpered, Lu Ling Xi initiative in the palm rub the rub.Solvent Dyestuff Xue Tong Couqu, "Xue Shushu there." "Good." Yan more gentle eyes, the promise: "I used to laugh every day, to see the small West."

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