High-wash Dyestuff

Hear the Yin Seiran discourse urgent, Yan Yongde is concerned that her daughter grandson, hearts comfort, gentle tone, said:. "Mention" Yanyue Min Rui aware Lu Ling Xi seems a bad mood, "how tired?" Lu Yen Ling Xi When we want more of the same color in Lu Ling Xi want. 8:00 pm Yan a quiet mansion. In addition to the red lanterns lit hospital, the whole house could not find the New Year atmosphere.

"A yellow." Yan heard the mouth slightly, his eyes a little smile pouring out. Ling Xi Lu did not say anything, but they do not feel stupid Xiao Feng will certainly species eaten his backyard tomatoes, know what it tastes. Lu Ling Xi nodded, of course he was serious. Wang Shuxiu thought, followed nodded. "Dead?" QiuJun some do not believe, "Lvshao, planted those trees going down horticultural workers may have seen, and that is basically nothing transplant to live, how this how long are dead yet. " Dr. Su Ling Xi Lu mouth Mingjiaosulang, is one of the doctors Laris An earlier. Ling Xi Lu in the past often followed Laris security hospital, one to two to also know Sulang. Sulang Lu Ling Xi is to take care of, to some extent, he sympathized with the situation of Ling Xi Lu, but he can not say as a doctor accused of acting lujia words. He can do only after Lu Ling Xi marrow biopsy done again, silently comforted that most of the time very quiet boy. Yan Enliaoyisheng more thoughtfully, unexpected: "You grew up west where the number of sets of words?" Lu Ling Xi hesitated a few seconds, the initiative to ask the phrase, "Can I help you?"

Ling Xi Lu Yan and Vietnam are not afraid of snakes, Wang Shuxiu be at home there, if scared Wang Shuxiu bad. Xiao Feng Wang Shuxiu years younger than the age only, no problem, older people will be hurt. Plant Name: Green dill "Delivery is ......" Dulin some difficulty, she turn shop turn anxious, and Lu Ling Xi did not say clearly behind these problems, some worry about the kids hang out.

Yan the corner of my eye noticed a large black Kenwan chicken also put out his tongue licking boy's finger, his face slightly distorted, is really a stupid dog. Lu Ling Xi laughed in spite of himself, playing flexor its head a little, "you how big black so no principles, one will be an idea."High-wash Dyestuff Black more pity. Compared cuttings, the latter is not how Lu Ling Xi skilled. Although Qiu Tian gardening flower garden built inside the respective culture chamber, but the early Lu Ling Xi chose cutting, and slowly the number of breeding Begonia. Of course, he gradually began to learn how to use the culture chamber, to prepare for a large-scale reproduction.

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