Lu Ling Xi followed her out of the car, first thing you see is a row of crooked cell door to build a small shed and a small shed which is on them pointing figure. Coax a large black, Ling Xi Lu quietly opened the door and ran out. A corridor to see the Yen against the floor, leaning against the wall of the entrance. He was a bit surprised, "Yan brother you did in the car?" They were janitor at the school gate to the old man stopped, foreland Lingxi look cute on the ground say hello, said he used to be a student here, it comes back to see. He and the Yen have long not bad, to what station it is not like the bad guys, take a look at them warily old man glances, he asked Lu Ling Xi's name, waved them inside.

"I said it so casually, not a fool. Besides, even if he is really fool can distinguish good depends on, you know it is good or bad environment." They staggered eyes, all is calm. Lu Ling Xi stuck his head out from the kitchen, his hands still dripping wet da da, "Yan brother you come?" Anesthesia soon play a role, big dog sleeping in the past, Lu Ling Xi to be freed. Dongzhi evacuated asked him one, go careful on the road. Lu Ling Xi shook his head, did not intend to go halfway, he wanted to wait until the situation finally ask the big dog. When just touched the big dog, he just felt under the palm emaciated body, there are several obvious scar areas. He had not seen stray dogs, if not naive enough to think that all dogs like lujia main house raised as Youguangshuihua golden bird, but did not expect to be so thin, feeling like a bone frame . In order not to trouble, Lu Ling Xi quietly stepped back, was standing to the side of the face. Plant Name: Wild Chunlan Ling Xi Lu just woke up some confused, he was eager to despise the body of alcohol bath, bath only to find that the results did not take pajamas. With his face these days more to live here more and more time, some of his daily necessities including clothing also gradually took over. Wang Shuxiu sometimes my heart will whisper the little bastard ran Yan ran over there too often, but every time the name of Ling Xi Lu is an excuse to leave her space and Xiao Feng, Wang Shuxiu not say anything. Yen more slowly here actually like Lu Ling Xi home, what have been. Wang Chaoliang said the last sigh, do not say somewhere else, in front of this rainforest area will continue to become smaller, although the country has been in China shouting environmental protection, and economic interests, but compared to the so-called protection is a talk. Huan Lu Ling Xi laugh, Yan pushed the door came. At first glance, his attention was completely attracted Lu Ling Xi smile, meaning instant dry whole body disappear, as if a pools that twinkle down from scratch, transparent body cool. "A more, are you listening to me?" "You should come another day, and today many people the hospital, had to line up to pay for a long time."

"Cheap to you." The more the car to see Yan Ling Xi Lu squatting front of the store looking at anything. Have Rangrang discourage sound, Lu Yan a water secretly watched more, and looked guilty over his face, "I'm useless, I have no money, my son lost all the money to go to school, he was 18 years old, because I got up early to work out to the garden shop, I am sorry for him, "Lu said here seems to not go on a water, choking:"!. Konishi, Dad I'm sorry you " Teenage slight laugh, looks bright, look at the black dog's head patting. His slender fingers white and black dog head down through the knot of hair, there is no dislike dirty dog. Black dog comfortable narrowed his eyes, become docile attitude up to take the opportunity to close its Dongzhi not care how the. Yan seemed more random: "You did not eat at noon, right?" Wang Chaoliang know Lu Ling Xi Yang also called a black snake, heard laughed together. Ling Xi Lu Wensheng fastest response, "Yan brother you come back?" The idea behind this let Lu Ling Xi uneasy. The idea is not just too weird, he never heard anything like that happened, he is now more than the original body healthy too, so he has a sense of guilty. He imagined that strangers boy woke up in his body, face mutilated body had just finished surgery, I do not know what will be the panic? Such a view, leaf Kang finally put down the heart. Yan mouth as a more "half-baked" psychiatrist, Ye Kang Man consciously he was quite accurate. Boy in front looked on simply gullible, worldly, he has been worried about the teenager bewitched Yan Yue, now it appears to require trans-trans, and who do not necessarily really kidding. "Lu Ling Xi is not who you are a vassal, you should have your own life."

They did not go long, a few sturdy physique, dressed in costumes of the local ethnic minority man from behind a tree a few people turn out rough, Yinhen eye on the direction of the three disappeared. Uncle Lee said before the big willow Yan seen it grow in the small courtyard not far from their place. Willow tree is said to have been a long fast a hundred years, two adult men have looked at the trunk rough, a man collapses are not holding back. The last time he and Lu Ling Xi go home for dinner Uncle Lee also talking about the tree, juvenile also later joked that if they have a nursery, breeding skewer inserted to prune from the old tree. I heard that people are so close to doing that is a small willow tree willow breeding have long leafy, very healthy. I did not think this would be struck by lightning.

Butler wrestled with the answer: "the second lady said she wanted to see the young master you have something to say that his wife tell her, if you see, she ...... she'll die." Until the animal world was over a long time, Lu Yan Ling Xi and the washing of the bath was coming along. Black began to press the remote control to change channels. Fengcheng local television stations are broadcasting an old film, "Legend of White Snake." Black press to the table, the right to play in the white snake molt. Black eyes lit up, the tip of its tail happily patted Black, reminding it not to change the channel.Ciclopirox Lu Ling Xi subconsciously look to the not far from two suspected growers old man, one of the stature extra baggage, looked kindly old man just stood up and affirmed: "The fat bit behind the times to recover fertilizer a. " Ling Xi Lu Yan and her mother did not know the water on the land a thing actually unexpected unified views. He gave a big black after the bath, the habit of carrying a large black book looks.

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