High-light Dyestuff

Scan spirit shed, plant demand showed vine fruit needs light, apparently before the lack of light. The next morning, Lu Ling Xi woke up more than five points. His side one has happened, big black immediately opened his eyes, shook the hair getting in the way. Lu Ling Xi smiled and rubbed a hand over a large black, up softly to pack up. Big black behind the Ling Xi Lu, Lu Ling Xi which ones it go also, do not call out quietly cry. Su Wei recollecting reason Sulang resignation, sigh, vague and said: "A patient is some accident of his men, he had not been influenced by the heart that one and will quit."

Ling Xi Lu Yen saw more at the door, somewhat reassured to continue back to the kitchen to help. Living room and sometimes the rest of the Yan and Xiao Feng two people, as well as the corner of the big black. Both Ye and Kang said loudly, they simply pick up her things to go home that afternoon and drove away in Beijing. From Beijing to the Fengcheng full speed car, was badly blocked. Yan more casually said:. "Should take the high-speed rail back" Fang Lei did not deceive him, directly to the majority of people poisoning songjiazhuang told him. Li Dayong honest man though not stupid, immediately suspected that they understand that this is dry, the moment to injustice shouted, "We are and songjiazhuang There are some conflicts can already solve this thing. They say it was wrong, also they are too bully people. because they built a plastic factory arbitrary row of misplacing the village behind the polluted river is smelly, and I also went to a few times, they do not promise to close the factory no problem. how the poisoning of the things that can be considered in our village head it? How many young people do not say our village, most of the old lady, who does not like to go to the poisoning of people, right? " He finished, exaggerated leaf Kang made a reassuring look, the more color and Lu Ling Xi watched laughed. Wore a fervent crowd of sight into three small restaurants, large black was left on the outside of the car. Small restaurant guests more and more, Lu Ling Xi began consciously not with a big black out small restaurants. Although he knew very large black healthy, no bacteria but also clean, but it is inevitable that guests will not mind this, only wronged big black. Simply let a word once given Ling Xi Lu heart, knees he sat on the bed, holding a cell phone to face more and more messages. Ye Kang Ling Xi Lu thought that the idea is interesting, but he looked at the two expressions is a move in mind. Yan is not like the attitude coax landing Lingxi Offhand, but faint trace of a sure earnest. His gaze swept in on their faces, it looked a little wistfully. Black said again, seems to be landing and Ling Xi words. "Go!" Ye Kang apparently not satisfied with his answer. See Lu Ling Xi do not understand, Wang Chaoliang laughed, indicating the pile on the table, "Do not you Grandma Wang older, but do eat these snacks district is a must. Uncle Wang a child looking forward to the New Year to eat these. In recent years you Grandma Wang troublesome, too lazy to get up for several years. this year or specially made for the small and the large black West to eat, in order to take advantage of Uncle Wang eat a little, not dipping a thing. "

Black got into blind eyes, calm and squatting in front, waiting for Xiao Feng carrying paw paw to rub it. Before I did not come to eat, Dong Ling Xi Lu Qi from the daily life probably be considered to understand the situation of his family. Etc. but really met, or that a woman with Lu Ling Xi Wang Shuxiu really not easy, could not help feeling. The driver simply to turning a corner, taking advantage Luguang Jing inadvertently looked at him with sympathy, the family servant are saying Lutai Tai crazy, young master is mad, and now her family received back. The driver thought, if whelp home after dare impiety, he does not look for the birds break legs. Drivers do think hidden, or be Luguang Jing noticed. Luguang Jing self-deprecating smile, the driver is just arrived home land, do not know lujia ago, and they know that the estimate will not sympathize with him, would curse him right. "Mom still awake, still clean up the house." Lu Ling Xi white panel with the scanning surface. Lu Ling Xi: "......"

Lu Ling Xi: "......" Wang Shuxiu listening just like listening to stories, picked up a broken flower sell a hundred thousand? "You put your mother try to fool me coax ah?"High-light Dyestuff Lai three grunted his way was a small stone clamor headache, bad hands either way, it would have hit the small stone meal. Lai hear four say immediately Yinhen smile:? "You can not sell to the old Yao head, he is not also looking for the last several small beggar in Beijing to do to keep this face when, discount legs, someday to discuss a lot of money. " Plant survival degree: high

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