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"Do you live alone?" Yan more like casually chatting. Since the last fertilization, Ling Xi Lu in a small garden and met once Zhanglao. Old Zhang remembers his amnesia, and asks him how to restore the. I heard he was not remember things in the past, also specifically Zhanglao comforted him a few words. Lu Ling Xi knew that he was not amnesia, but still very grateful Zhanglao comfort. He accompanied Zhanglao once poured water, plus one after another to take care of spider plants and green radish hall, the heart of the plant on the panel finally rose 99/100 (0-order) from the upgrade're just one step away. Unlike other industries, Xiao Hong these coal mines have true feelings. He asked to take over the party must be properly disposed inside of workers, in particular to look at the land-water prison. Wang Shuxiu now pregnant with a child, do not say Xiao Feng, Xiao Lu Hung can not put a water back toss Wang Shuxiu. This way, not mine hands who give money who had transferred.

Ye Yan Kang has always stood the side of the Yen phrase some outrageous words like did not hear the same. He gulped down the hands of the water, the bottles toward the trash can to throw the past, perfectly thrown into the bucket, then he asked: "?? How do you intend to remain in the Fengcheng" Yan Yongde look bad, he scolded: "Ah now think the more you do go as early as the son of the Arab much more pressure to temporarily take a break Yan Hao alone a sea wants to pry the Arab position also??. not enough." Thought flashed, flour panel suddenly appeared line prompt. Lu Ling Xi saw the word dwarf thoughtfully, fingers in front of eggplant is a bit too high. He turned around to see a middle-aged man open, "this strain is not just picking fingers eggplant had a heart?" Tian said Tuesday one can find someone to let Lu Ling Xi again on a high, Wang Shuxiu cheered up immediately. She and Lu have no culture of water, all hopes are pinned on Lu Ling Xi's body. Lu Ling Xi previously may not love learning, playing also played curses, there is no way she can only agree with Lu Ling Xi early dropout. Now there is such a chance to go to school again, Lu Ling Xi Wang Shuxiu think the change afterwards, simply said:. ", We must on" Lu Ling Xi stuck scanning spirit, with a white panel wafting frowned slightly. "That tree is going to die." Not only is the tree, two trees next to it is also dying. " Xue said that through the good, the more dare Yen and his first collaboration, value is Xue Tong character. Fengcheng in horticultural circles, Xue Tong is a rare little black dots of people. He looked somewhat meaningful Xue Tong, "I believe that our cooperation is only just beginning." Yan touches on the more immediate scene does not matter, he had guessed would be, the mother and the emergence of Yin Ya mentally prepared. "Grandfather." "Mother." Yanyue Ping quiet say hello, as Ya Yin directly to the air, glanced at her, she sat across the side of Yan Yongde. Yen more noticed his face, dark eyes, dark, Lu Ling Xi arm stretched to embrace his arms, looking down at his face Qinliaoyikou, "even if forgotten."

The first two are to the south. For a time after purification Ling Xi Lu also come here to read, change is not obvious how. But after a month, and now has some obvious changes. Compared to surrounding land after purification plant grows abnormal lush, wild flowers and weeds do not know huddled together, looking very vibrant. There are a few stray cats in the grass infested, a lazy physique largest tree lying, belly overturned basking in the sun. Hear people's movement, the cat's attitude cavalier glanced at them one golden pupil after seeing Lu Ling Xi instantly widened, nose and sniffed, turning a thorn slip crouched there toward the landing Lingxi affectionate meow stand up. "Yin Seiran!" Yinyong De angry knocked crutches. Middle-aged men listened stupefied, "What now?" Lu Ling Xi is selected, the primary state of willow evolved into a state of movement is not large, so people will not feel like a big earthquake willow had evolved. With Lu Ling Xi determine the root of the willow shall commence to slow growth, in addition to a portion of the bar deepened, and the rest seems to be moving in a fixed place extension. Lu Ling Xi lengleleng, panel status display wrong, willow root part shall extend north towards really, it is just extremely slow. Lu Ling Xi suddenly startled, guilty and asked: "? Dr So it" "Zheng Zhuren." Zheng Yan more politely with New River to fight say hello.

Xiao Feng said far far indeed, turning a junction on to, it is a street of two-story restaurant. However, use of only one layer, below the top of the roof was too low, that is barely able to be a place to rest. The restaurant owner has been waiting for them in the store, see Xiao Feng immediately over his face smiling bloom. Yan just want to follow the hearing scolded, "That damn ghost weather."Retinoic acid Tretinoin They come in addition to the large black back then, but also the evolution of breeding before the bitter water river grass transplanted to the spirit, the way and then go back to dig out some bitter grass cultivation. Ling Xi Lu at home already tested, bitter grass evolution of cyanide in the water absorption effect is very significant. He contrasted around eelgrass transplants concentration of cyanide in the water, which significantly reduced the concentration of a lot more clear some of the water quality. This result is very happy Ling Xi Lu, Yan even more are surprised. Lu Ling Xi crooked eyes, he felt Zhanglao so good, I really like that they are so. In Zhanglao before they come, Lu Ling Xi has basically been seen almost the same, except that several strains of Calla other plants are dead thoroughly. Without the force of nature, he can not do anything. Calla put away the earth, and Lu Ling Xi with Zhanglao Zhaolao back micro gardening.

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