Methyl 3-aminocrotonate

One person, one dog fun, color far more standing across the street, did not come in immediately, but looked at them through the glass a slight laugh. Negative emotions after leaving Yinjialin too, I do not want to face more like this in front of Ling Xi Lu. He hoped that the teenager could have been like this laugh naive, it is best never to know the other side of the world ugly. Kang Ye know is this, shrugged, then I remembered another message. "Yes, two days ago I found another message on the home land, but unsure of true and false." He did not guessing, straight and said: "Lu Jia rumors, Father Lu on the outside had an illegitimate child, and a grandson . " Ling Xi Lu laughed, squatting in front of a large black cage, big black hand touched the head, whispered:. "Black you want to get well soon, I'll take you home."

Lu Ling Xi shook his head slightly lowered her eyes, every time Wang Shuxiu mentioned last thing he did not dare look at each other's eyes. His long eyelashes, so when the micro-vertical, long eyelashes seemed below eye shadow, covered with a layer of small, twinkling, just like in the human heart, like scratch. Ling Xi Lu Yan obediently listening to more of the orders, said:. "Yan brother know, I have a big black and black, all right." Jaguar car, the more deadpan face holding the steering wheel, slender forefinger rhythmic tapping the faint revealing a hint of patience means. Co-pilot on his side, silver cell phone lying there, the display shows the call. Li Yao sighed Luguang Jing Yi Chan hearts, "the only safe ......" Yan said that the more time quietly watching a teenager, he did not say these days like a voyeur as wandering around young. He was concerned about the teenager's every move every day, watching the juvenile intentions of taking care of plants and flowers, carefully watching the juvenile reception every customer, no one looked at the teenager in time to store clean up the house, watching the teenager stupid dog against dog laughing very happy. He desperately wants to suppress the urge to appear in juvenile side, taking advantage of the only teenager to feed a large dark, filled only occasional appearance in front of the juvenile. "what happened?" "Brother Lee." Lu Ling Xi politely greeted. Lu Ling Xi crooked eyes, not that he was worried about the cub understand that, but the fear of cub think all day long stay in the shop bored. Tends Well rubescens, the Yen Ling Xi Lu filed with Tian Qiu gardening arrangements. The Qiu Tian gardening thing, and he did not hide the Yen Ling Xi Lu, just skip the part he feels does not need to know the details of the juvenile. With Qiu Tian gardening flower garden, and Xue Yan in Vietnam through collaboration has a new plan.

Yan recovered more time only, one person, one dog on the TV for a long while, the Yen directed at big black muffled cry. Ling Xi Lu Xiao Feng did not know going to grapes, but is holding his attitude to please species, he is now ready to shut the shop and went to the Yan Ling village water trip. Before out of the city, the Yan drove him around in a circle in Fengcheng, specifically look for them before the purified looked at several places. This is the truth Lu Ling Xi. Wang Shuxiu good for him he knew he wanted to return Wang Shuxiu. Here, Lu Ling Xi shy, slightly pointed ears red. "Mom was still young enough to have another brother."

Lu Ling Xi agreed to donate in the night, a man Luguang Jing appeared in his room. And Li Caiying thoughts are different in diseased Laris security body, as far as possible to Luguang Jing Lu Wei Ling Xi Lu Ann and non-discriminatory. "Rain? No, this almost a month, did not see the raindrops." The driver categorically denied.Methyl 3-aminocrotonate Lu Ling Xi: "......" "Good." Xiao Hong very satisfied, "a man must protect his wife and family. We can not let his wife Xiao old tradition of disappointment."

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