The blue cyanine B

"A more How about you? Your thoughts?" His tone is mocking, Yanshi Hui endure another forbearance, "Are you eccentric you blame me?" He said that is full of color, hear the howl from the village found Gouzi trouble until the dogs surrounded the plastics plant them out to save people, the story is simply twists and turns, ups and downs, and sometimes even several police officers around could hear into fan.

Ye Kang watching the scene a little surprised, when he opened a small restaurant has been back in Beijing, and did not eat dinner here. But he mentioned a few times to listen to the Yen, a small restaurant inside the ingredients are natural pollution-free, very fresh, no wonder that attracts so many people. Lu Ling Xi inspected the Black unscathed after politely thanked the door of a small police. When the other side of the landing Lingxi Black is another boast boast, Lu Ling Xi a happy and brought out a bag of grapes go back to the other side. Small police a look at the music, mind wondering party team from here take the dog out, it is estimated to know, but also no how to refuse. Yan some more envious watching the big black shamelessly behavior, heart can not say jealous, stupid dog! Father and son thirty-two diverge before the incident, Wang Shuxiu aware, cross them a bow Xieqi the ribs, mouth slightly sprang up. Pot, two pots, three pots ...... until around the time of Simon Ling Xi Lu, recorded on a white panel changed. His movement attracted the attention of Lu Ling Xi Lu Ling Xi puzzled back, Yan directed at the more shallow smile. Dinner for two is already more than nine, Ye Kang in downtown Beijing have their own house, the more a person Yan Yan drove back to the mansion. Yan mansion located in Beijing's most prestigious at the foot of the Fragrant Hills, an area of ​​broad, is an antique four into the courtyard. When Yan Yue grandfather built this year Zhaizi and think of Yan Jiazi Sun flourishing, beauty and a beautiful life together. Unfortunately, until the old man died, the mansion owner Yan Yan and only three of the parents and the Yen. Still later, the parents leave young Yan Yan were moved out of the house, the owner of this house also left the Yen a person. Big yellow dog whispered cry. Clivia normal dark green leaves and shiny, July coincided with the flowering, the flowers should open brightly. Clivia just be in front of sparse opened several flower flowers, and yellow leaves. Lu Ling Xi eyes fell rhizome part Clivia, white Juan-like hyphae wrapped around the roots, there are some hyphae tangled group became red-brown pieces.

With the change Fengcheng environment, humans and animals can communicate things will only be more and more, simply can not do completely confidential. Yan believes now more sensitive sense of smell has been eyeing this news reporter, to see how the blockade of the above efforts. The above could not wait until the blockade broke this news, Fengcheng of evolution are almost a certain scale. Even when Lu Ling Xi anything unusual was found, mixed in with the evolution of these were in would not be too conspicuous. Dongzhi looked pleased, although the two manifestations of Kazakhstan usually silly and cheap, from the original owner to pet shops to have been lively and naughty, like a little influence are not abandoned, but in fact the two are aware of what the heart of Kazakhstan , or else not be so enthusiastic Ye Kang, a hard to please. Fortunately, Ye Kang Konishi introduce friends, ha Dongzhi think the two to reassure him, just do not worry about two ha adapt to a home they have to re-adapt to another home. Chinese state-owned ornamental plant sources of long history, has always been a focus on "View of its leaves, reward its shape." The carefully selected QiuJun and his father for a long time, elected by a large green radish leaves and Pachira, and both are green color, beautiful plant type. Differentiable gardening potted a move out, QiuJun know they lost. If on the color of the leaves, the two are almost all glistening green, slightly shiny gardening but few. These are not generally knowledgeable people see it, it focuses on two of the above plant type. Wang Shuxiu hear he meant do not want to eat out, the moment is not hypocritical, refreshing and said: "My craft also had to go, and if you do not mind peak brother to go home to eat." Lu Ling Xi touched the big black head certainly look to Fang Lei said: "right direction."

The more color slightly surprised a moment, then broke into laughter again. Yan did not say who the more, but said:. "There needs to contact him if I let you."The blue cyanine B Wang Shuxiu funny stared at it, catch landing Lingxi the kitchen. "Over and over again, you come to disturb them, it's hot, quickly took out a large black." Old house already small kitchen, the family did not air-conditioned, Wang Shuxiu long hot a sweat. Now the kitchen addition of one person, one dog, but also to all her crowded, Wang Shuxiu about to feel the heat died. Lu Ling Xi like small animals, small animals seem to prefer him. Every time he ran into the category of a puppy or kitten, around him are willing to cluttering, maybe. He touched reassuringly large black head toward kitten beckoned. Kitten seemed to understand his movements, body gently leap, a small step on a big black paw head, by a large black springboard got into the arms of Lu Ling Xi.

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