Disperse Dyestuff

Big black dog tied rope can barely accept muzzle bit not happy, arrived in his head refused to close Dongzhi, unhappy roar so even a voice. Dongzhi Shetenglebantian not on the set, only to be handed over to Lu Ling Xi. Yen more thoughtfully, "Is it a snake?" Lu Ling Xi rubbed his stomach, looking for a reason, "hungry."

Rubescens right, Sulang turn good mood, patience and said: "rubescens looked much, in fact, very important medicinal plants, the whole plant can be used as medicine rubescens which can isolated a winter Ling. a prime grass, had only a substance that some common killing cancer cells inhibited, but recently studies have found oridonin can selectively kill leukemia cells, inhibition of leukemia-initiating cell activity, thus prolonging the survival of leukemic mice carrying the present we are looking for different rubescens further study, want to try to use the results of this research to the clinical treatment. " "There are so happy?" He looked puzzled looked easy route. Lu Ling Xi nodded, "I can do it." Wang Shuxiu let open the door, the door to see the landing Ling Xi squatting big black wipe paws, mouth pumping the pumping, told: "You just come back, I stayed up points tomato sauce, you'll be picking points tomato sauce to bring a little more easily Airlines get past their home. " Lu Wang Shuxiu a water is caught awkwardly while trying to break free of the force, while loudly clamoring. Lu Ling Xi ranging from opening, middle-aged man rush, explains: "? Tell your boss to see how this strain of eggplant fingers the fruit of this matter Xixishushu, it has not fruiting people really worried to death." Uncle Lee look strange, but did not think too much. Father's life met a lot of wind and rain, a good mental capacity, but it will not be considered as individuals will be able to understand the meaning of the dog. Yan see the back, he was a bit impatient. The Yen and the small West over, Father initiative to recommend Xu three Yanyue Gang Gang Xu is with large black go three up. Lu Ling Xi staring low brow survival of plants displayed Weicu, he does not know yet whether the rescue was over. Out of caution, they quickly back to Lu Ling Xi workstation.

"Welcome, you need ......" Dulin greeting half suddenly stunned. Chen Zhu to see him like this, could not help but laugh, joked:. "I promise you the hospital, do not come back to find your mother called me irresponsible" Six one before, Lu Ling Xi Guan ready to pack up shop. Wang Shuxiu to call him to let him straight home, do not go to a small restaurant. Xiao Hong and Xiao Man coming today, Wang Shuxiu going home to cook. "What to eat?" Asked Wang Shuxiu inside the phone. Small restaurant is very rich ingredients, what to eat Wang Shuxiu ahead of time to prepare. Usually Dulin guarding micro gardening, Zhang has its own micro-gardening work part-time delivery incidentally, flowerbeds which Li Dulin twice a week, daily is employed with an old man surnamed Li, next to care. Deep sleep father was shirk Yin Seiran very unhappy, excited and said: "A more Yanshi Hui has been squeezed into the case, Yan sea have stepped on his head, and his father You'll sit tight?" This is the first color the left, Lu Ling Xi feel bored together. He thought for a long flowerbed nothing to do, secretly went with a big black Spirit River. Zheng said to sigh life is good, he would have liked the car, to go with repair can be considered interest. Bai Wei is somewhat poor, to learn to cook a few months, and still practice Qieluo Bo. Listen Bai Wei said his father to give him the "Gold Chef" classes, studies to two years, which have cut Qieluo Bo just six months. Yan Yongde eyes flash of disappointment A more reluctant to tell him the truth. With longer face the more age, more and more unpredictable Yan Yan Yongde more ideas. He sighed, "That's good, take some time off to raise a good body and then come back. Rest assured, this is something you is your grandfather gave you looking at it."

"So early?" Lu Ling Xi surprised. The more a color tone for his consideration, Lu Ling Xi grateful heart to hear, but he really did not want to owe so much more human face. Lu Ling Xi guess mind, the Yen quietly continued: "? Or you can, you have my money as my shares, I pay you contribute, together we drive under this store how"Disperse Dyestuff "Really?" Let Lu Ling Xi familiar voice suddenly back to God, sparkling eyes turned to look at the color, "Yan brother you come back?"

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