Fluorescent Disperse Dyestuff

Lu Ling Xi holding the phone, quietly asked one more color, "Yan brother until you have time to do? Du sister to come over." Since the two have worked together, Lu Ling Xi think these two things together is the best to prevent after what contradictory differences. Dinner, good atmosphere, and Ling Xi Lu Xiao Feng along very well. While this is not the first time the four meals, but with the change of identity, Lu Ling Xi Wang Shuxiu can not help but worry about the heart have any ideas. After eating, she finally put down the heart. OK greenhouses right, gained around to the front. Two fly was standing beneath the car directing workers to receive good food onto the car. "Hurry up, hurry up. One would have to send in the past. Market midnight there will open for business."

Sulang suddenly, "or injured last thing?" Ya Yin Yan Sea and now busy fighting for power, it is estimated no time for him. So over time Yan Shihai finished processing combined Poor thing, Zhibu Ding will think of him that was forgotten in the back of his son. To find the event Konishi here, he did not want to be dragged in the small West. This thing not difficult to do, forged an outbound data, no problem. Find more Yan Ye Ye Kang Kang to do his witnesses, estimated that no one would suspect Kang leaves, he can feel at ease to stay in the Fengcheng. A slight laugh, then grew inside the shed came out, people inside have suddenly laughed. "Lu Ling Xi, you little son of a bitch, you are born to his aging mother is not mad?" Lu Ling Xi sitting on the bed carefully turned over the items he was ready, and always feel like something is missing. What in the end is it? He drum face and turned things over again. Yan Enliaoyisheng more, almost like being bewitched went around the land of Ling Xi. A hint of mist around with him, like water immersion of the body, he just felt a moment ears and eyes bright, covered not say comfortable. Large black ignore it. Black hesitated a circle, tentatively tossed tip of the tail hook the hook big black claws. He did not stop to see the big black, black slowly towards the front to maneuver a little bit hooked big black paws, insatiable wrapped up. Big black calm glance hanging in his black legs, and eyes to see upstairs bird always deeply moved by its small milk cat. Black ingratiating "hissing" twice, wrapped around big black body climb it, explore a small head and large black from watching TV. Father said at the time, although he did not speak, but I was actually hoping the presence of. From small to large, he was taught education is that he is the only person able to save his brother, his presence is to his brother. To his brother, he gave birth to his cord blood. To his brother, he lay on the operating table several times Renzhaojutong for bone marrow aspiration. To his brother, he does not go to school, do not make friends, but to be quiet at home. To brother ...... "Rest assured, no matter Yan brother."

Eaten a meal, the more back to 202 Yen, Wang Shuxiu washing dishes in the kitchen. Lu Yan Ling Xi endured find the idea in the backyard to change the water Wang Lian, Xiao Feng do not know when to stand beside him. Lu Ling Xi surprised, Xiao Feng is specially come to see him. "Xiao Shushu." Because of this strain Chunlan, Lu Ling Xi's attention on the flower market will not, go back and think to myself early save Chunlan. Su Wei can positive about his visit to the flower market, two people stroll by half, Lu Ling Xi embarrassed to say go now. Su Wei positive to see his mind, smiling today proposed two wandered first on this, others old, some walk, then continue to the next visit. "Konishi, your brother's condition worsened, and you are the only people who can save him, you will save him, right?"

Xiao Feng looked at her and laughed, speak for Lu Ling Xi, "What the boys keep the snake is not." Sulang laugh, "I'm out all cyclists, much faster than a car."Fluorescent Disperse Dyestuff Because they want to get married but also busy with preparations for greenhouses thing, Xiao Feng these days a bit busy. AGF cell is the cell name where Lu Ling Xi. Now popular name than Fengcheng Town xx, xx world, xx Shuiyun like, the name can be described as the dregs of the earth. However, as the number of cell Fengcheng the earliest buildings, AGF cell now also home residents are basically ten years old neighbors. A bit of money have moved away, leaving considerable period of time called habit, but that the cell name shouted cordial nice.

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