Solvent Dyestuff

"Do not drink." Lu Ling Xi obediently promised. Lu Ling Xi nodded, smiled Sulang stood behind him, looked at the green radish pointing said:. "Irrigated soil inside almost, also need to spray the leaves point" Black Ling Xi Lu licked fingers, ran toward the outside of the village. Soon, outside the village came out "wailing woo", and soon the village dogs boiling up again, large and small dog from each respective hospital ran out, what seems to be the same call, outside the village straight away .

Yan Yue messages quickly over, he is now stuck in traffic, so do not worry Ling Xi Lu. Yen Vietnam did not say better, he said, stuck in traffic, Lu Ling Xi more worried. And looked out of the window, Lu Jing Ling Xi really nothing less than the heart to do, simply sitting in front while carrying a wicker chair while waiting for the Yen, while holding a brush to open mobile Internet news. Ya Yin not very concerned about, "Maybe we are looking at the car." Yen more natural to go along, leaving the leaves when thought Kang also got cheated. Although he would like to work with the same last night stay directly in the countryside, but the number of orders and thinking, could not bear Lu Ling Xi tired minds prevailed. Ye Kang as a strong labor, can still play a role in point. Kang Ye know not what they do, confusedly I went along flowerbeds. When he regret the time, already we are living on the outskirts of farmland, but also want to return to go back. Three plus Uncle Lee, got eleven, finally the Lee brother to pot all ready. His insomnia whole thing Yen only housekeeper know. Butler started to worry about him afraid of the dark, a night put Yen all can open all the lights turn on, to know him later housekeeper insomnia, a dark to wait for them all to be able to turn off all the lights off. A few years later, the Yen family servants are accustomed to sleep after dark. Even his stay abroad these years, Yan mansion this habit has not changed. Big dog wounds not handle, outside the rain had stopped. Lu Ling Xi: "......" He hung up the phone side, the Yen hear his name has been looked over. Lu Ling Xi face some expectations: "? Yan Brother you have time to do at night my mother let me take you back for dinner." Against the three opposite apologetic eyes, Lu Ling Xi shook his head, "No, I have forgotten." Lu Ling Xi nodded.

"Huh?" Lu Ling Xi bit surprised, then laughed, "I am Ling Xi Lu, Yen brother and you said?" Yan afar the back, do not know how the sea Yan suddenly thought of the Yin Ya. Yin Ya also had a joke in front of him not emboldened Yan Yue, the result? Yin Ya actually arrogant enough to get more directly face jail get out. Hai Yen thought of this, suddenly jump back a wave of chill. He shook his head and ran into the house to cheer, to see his father could not help but ask the phrase, "Dad, Yan increasingly doing?" Xue said that through the good, the more dare Yen and his first collaboration, value is Xue Tong character. Fengcheng in horticultural circles, Xue Tong is a rare little black dots of people. He looked somewhat meaningful Xue Tong, "I believe that our cooperation is only just beginning." Lu Ling Xi is amused by his reaction, and laughed, "No, I buy this book how growing tomatoes. I also feel a little too old to go back to school, looking for a job."

Lu Ling Xi suddenly. Oddly enough, though now Fengcheng lush green plants, especially Lu Ling Xi living cell is like a small ecological park. But in the summer but it is very rare mosquitoes, mosquito coils, water repellent less than almost all of these. Fengcheng accustomed to the environment, Lu Ling Xi saw in the supermarket water repellent subconsciously ignored in the past. He recovered, "Tomorrow the supermarket open?" Lu Ling Xi out of the side door of the ward a few people sigh up, this child is really pitiful. So many days in hospital, in addition to Wang Shuxiu not seen other relatives. Wang Shuxiu listen to the tone of the child is also a father, a father can not as there is not, neither money nor contribute to, looks like Wang Shuxiu their mother's feelings is not good. To say that they are beginning a little frown Wang Shuxiu, especially several female family members, I think Wang Shuxiu not serious. But a long time together, but found that Wang Shuxiu dress outrageous that people are not really as they want. Although Wang Shuxiu especially rude to speak, and doctors and nurses often quarrel, but still very Ling Xi Lu got the idea. Think of a woman she is not easy, not everyone Wang Shuxiu Attempt to start so have opinions.Solvent Dyestuff From micro to gardening bookstore not far away, it did not take a bus, walk all the way went over. Hang Lu Ling Xi Yi remember amnesia thing, every intersection to be deliberately Lu Ling Xi refers several times, called his words in terms of strengthening the memory. This is a part of their activities Fengcheng central location, lots of very busy. At this point it time to work, bustling very lively. "Flowers, this is our home-grown vegetables, especially good these days long, for your family eat a few tomatoes."

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