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Morning business pretty well, it did not take long to open the door after another customer had to buy some fertilizers and gadgets, even bring Yanyue Gang ceramic pots were sold out three. Lu Ling Xi takes the money and will carefully remember account, potted plants, fertilizers, and tools are all categorized remember it. Ling Xi Lu Yan and more over time, the hotel has a lot of Azeri. Both sleeves rolled up to go for help, Wang Shuxiu to be blocked. During this time business is good, the store has just recruited two staff, the kitchen has more than enough people, they do not need to trouble. "Go upstairs waiting for dinner, I'll give you a chicken stew, cold weather to Bubu. Noon stew, and one will fry dishes like." Said Wang Shuxiu went to cooking, and turned to Yi Airlines also catch up with the floor, so that the three of them for dinner. "I know." Wang Shuxiu to himself, little bastard actually remember clearly, but also know what to eat Huan Yan Yuexi filling. Her side just going to peel onions chop stuffing, Lu Ling Xi thought of what went into the kitchen door and asked the sentence, "Mom, you do eggplant mixed with garlic it? Yan brother kinda like to eat this one."

"The youngest, do you go on ...... FML, the youngest what you planted yesterday, this grass grow too fast now!" Small black snake with a knot way to stay in the kang, the Yen holding a laptop Internet search for a long time have not found a small black snake in the end is what the breed. The only certainty is that it is a non-poisonous snakes. A crowd: "......" Eating tomatoes, poured over water, land Ling Xi took it to the big black red mud red claws on, ready to pick up the book on the chair back to the house to see. With Sulang better after the Yen received a good mobile micro invisibly frowned. Although Sulang said by telephone that invited him to look at, but it is several times referred to the small West. Vietnam always feel Sulang Yan Lu Ling Xi attitude of some strange, he is not suspected Sulang guessed Lu Ling Xi rebirth secret, but that would not like Sulang Ling Xi Lu regarded as a substitute attitude. Although Lu Ling Xi is essentially the same two individuals. Some time ago Sulang already in the name of the micro-gardening technology companies applied for domestic patent medicines rubescens, is now preparing for officially put into operation. Their team has great ambitions, put together also foreign patents applied for. They cleaned the store's health and simple return home the return home of some odds and ends, Lu Ling Xi off the lights, lock the shop followed by Yan got on the trot. Lu Ling Xi wrapped in blankets rolled blindfolded want to sleep. He felt he did not do anything, but just too sleepy. Yen more deadpan turned away, eyes floating in a land and water swept him. I do not know why, a land of water from the bottom of my heart glow suddenly a wave of chill, as if all his thoughts are seen through the young man opposite.

"Come on, before eating, but also has a few dishes will be OK." Yen more gently cast a big black eye, eyes paused on Ling Xi Lu unconscious feeling the big black head fingers. Soft black hair wrapped around white fingers, really can not tell an eyesore. He recovered sight, seemed arbitrary and said:. "Get in, where I'm going to send you." Lu Yen-water do not know the intention, cautious nod. "You little bastard ......" Lu thump of a water fight Lu Ling Xi. "? The return of the Yen" Sulang quite surprised at the news, then regret and said: "eating is no chance, I resigned, I am not in Beijing back in the Fengcheng." Easy route envy hit hit Lu Ling Xi, "the youngest, did not see our goal?" Yan paused help more casually looked in the past, when the number of the caller. For surprisingly, it is Wang Shuxiu phone call. Recall a case where the color almost immediately guessed Wang Shuxiu might want and what he said, and still have to avoid Ling Xi Lu. He calmly picked up the phone, Lu Ling Xi casually rubbed his hair, said:. "Andrzej is, I went out to answer the phone." This is the first Fang Leigang ready to catch up on sleep a few days not seen the little gray menacing rushed over, gently leap jump Fang Lei's face, angrily meow up. Like a man walking in the dark, cold tunnel for a long time, suddenly appeared in front of a bright light, he will subconsciously close, will follow the glow away. Home more than a snake, Wang Shuxiu did not immediately found. Soon end, and because of her wedding and Xiao Feng, Wang Shuxiu somewhat busy during this time worse. Few people take advantage of the hotel Monday, Xiao Feng and Wang Shuxiu to shoot wedding photos. Wang Shuxiu would have no need to think of these, she is old now, but also what to shoot wedding. Xiao Feng can be bent to shoot, but also with Lu Ling Xi go, said the way to shoot a few family portrait.

Dongzhi talking shop pets, Ye Kang listening immediately thought of big black, very touching nod. To this end, Ye Ha Conte intended to allow two stay an extra day at the pet store, and they told Dongzhi individual. He was not ready and Wang Shuxiu too early to say, think and so on Lu Ling Xi was twenty years old, but if Wang Shuxiu know, not a big deal, sooner or later there are so again. Xiao Feng also say in his favor is not so good owed.High-wash Dyestuff Easy navigation: "......" Tian Ling Xi Lu sister listen Wang Shuxiu Speaking of junior high school graduates dropped out, a little pity for him. She worried that Lu Ling Xi will feel embarrassed, what is the next higher 18-year-old, early first thought comforted law his sentence.

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