"This is how a? Dog king again?" Some villagers surprised Road. Tian said such a sister, Lu Ling Xi embarrassed laugh. Is known as a serious money old man looked, shook his head, "do not see, unlike a hybrid, more like mutation. Wing - you also get these, hybridization can there be so easy."

In fact, he is said to be a small garden on the ground floor of the households own a small piece of open space, outside the fence around the others to enter. Wang Shuxiu not previously thought manage these small overgrown garden which, looking at the mess. Ling Xi Lu in the hospital after discharge should also think about what these kinds of tomatoes, this is simply a small piece of open space to prepare for him. No problem boss a smile on his face even more. He secretly watched a brother peak, peak brother looked faint not see the joy, anger, but let the peak brother over who personally accompanied certainly not ordinary people. The boss already in a lot of price promotions, simply put Houchu things are packaged gave Wang Shuxiu. Anyway, he also brought back home is not on, we lost a waste. "Doctor, my son in the end how is it? He did not remember, you do not say the surgery is a success?" Yan more interest in them is not much, but in his capacity as a mere tourist looked around. Wangzhao Liang and Lu Ling Xi is different, they happily walking to see, from time to time also stopped taking several pictures to each other in conversation. Wang Chaoliang is a senior researcher at the plant, Lu Ling Xi who has a mysterious white panel, no matter what the two plants can chat together, some could not help but see the color and taste. "Hurry, green light." Hallway nurses began walking voice sounded slightly tired Lu Ling Xi put away the panel, after all he had just finished surgery, although the spirit of excitement but also keep up with the physical condition. His eyes closed in bed, I could not help but think of another emerging white panel. Panel in the end is what? It is how to appear? This body belongs to the original owner do? Carries this concern, the more removed Yen Ling Xi Lu holding midnight stumbled sleep. Twilight sky dark, Lu Ling Xi is hot awake. Yan Yue arms like a stove, even with the quilt wrapped him together tightly in her arms. Kang Ye Dongzhi know Kazakhstan is ready to adopt two people, fear a bad impression his two ha, and quickly came up and asked: "?. How two of Kazakhstan has been very good." Fang Lei: "......"

"Little Miss, where are you going?" Questioning Tian sister, nineteen patients Brother Lee's wife. Fengcheng is located in mainland fault seismic zone, from time to time about the earthquake. The locals are used to it, no one seriously. Yen more casual, "not on the table a number of small means nothing." Tian sister hearts sigh, no Zaiquan Lu Ling Xi, but it is thought will be to persuade Wang Shuxiu, do not delay the child. Yan has been more attention to the teenager's face, seeing Me and immediately looked more sincere, "I'm very interested in plants and flowers of these recently, been thinking about opening the store to try. May not know they can do anything, just encountered micro-gardening we work together can be considered a win-win. " You may want to make it clear that complicated, really want to land a careful study from talking about the water. Lu Ling Xi is not stupid, I do not want to worry about Wang Shuxiu, skip the front of the bedding, from morning to begin selling kindred Chunlan. But he did not dare say sold three hundred thousand, a hundred thousand sold only said that together with another person to take over the shop, one half of the two partners. Last night, he had to take the hospital lobby Scindapsus experiment a lot, to determine a mysterious white panel can display wards he raised Chlorophytum basin can also display other plants. He had wanted to go to the garden to continue the pilot, but at the time it is in the evening, too many people in the garden, he was worried that people see that they are abnormal, only Renxia the idea. This morning, before dawn, Lu Ling Xi could not sleep, have been thinking about it. He felt faint, white panel detector is like a plant, and he is holding a similar detector "plant doctor", this new identity allowed him to plant more than an unspeakable intimacy. "...... Little bastard whom to learn? I need you to prepare a dowry, his aging mother back to you to save the money to marry a wife yet." "Yan brother." Lu Ling Xi eyes lit up with excitement took over the color look rubescens. "You see, rubescens evolved." He said, reaching poked above rubescens borneol, with his action, borneol Vibrato are like butterfly wings. "I am a leaf health." Chen Sheng Road opposite the telephone.

Su grandfather and Sulang in hospital for a while and left. Wang Shuxiu also pick up something ready to go, she is a director of KTV, unlike during the day, at night it is the customer more things and more time. Behind these curved around to say it causes and effects of too much, neither more Yan way clear, but also did not intend to speak clearly and leaves Kang. Anyway, so when you close the S & P took to develop, everyone will know.

Stroll back from the micro-cell gardening it is a half-hour thing, Lu Ling Xi with a big black walked all the way to teach it their way. They Shui micro-gardening street not long, big black body suddenly arched back, a wary look. Outside the leaves slowly got Father, his eyes look to the leaf Kang, "I helped the boy so much a favor, how he wanted to thank me?"Crotamiton Tian said such a sister, Lu Ling Xi embarrassed laugh. A yellow apparently saw them, suddenly stopped, turned and ran toward the West Village.

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