High-light Dyestuff

"Too much pressure?" Yin Seiran look puzzled, "A more What pressure? Yanshi Hui and I did not force him to die?" Fortunately, few boxes of chicken, large black short while eating clean. Lu Ling Xi carefully put away the trash, turned his head back to look at the front. Yan has been simmering in the air slowly scattered attention back on the boy's body. Easy route his father was a small shed outside a cell inside playing poker, he looked up to see the easy route, surprised to have forgotten his cards out.

Juvenile looked puzzled, as if what does not want to understand. Yen more soft heart, and sometimes did not notice Lu Ling Xi discourse in a strange place, but gently into the arms of his embrace, patience and said: "This shows that Xiao Feng attaches great importance to the small West, he gave the right to choose Konishi, also It shows his sincerity. " "Raincoat, long trousers, rope ......" Yinyong De Yan did not think more directly about his thing to see a psychiatrist, but he wanted to know the attitude of the Yen, Yen more than one a father meant. Tian Jun looked at the big black to understand, casually said:. "Eh Yo, dog enough to eat ah" Lu Ling Xi put down the hands of the kettle, explained:. "Du sister home, this time I will be in the store." "Of course." Young people boldly assured, our village people know that near the village who basically knows, you just go out to find out, absolutely not lie to you. Lu Ling Xi do not know what happened, a surgery done, he is no longer the young Sun Luling Lu Jia Jing West, but somehow appeared in Fengcheng, became two days have seen the woman's son Lu Ling Xi. By this, the Yen a night did not sleep well. Ling Xi Lu opened his eyes to get up early to see the Yen stood at the window, looking out I do not know what to think. Lu Yan Ling Xi saw the look, nodded hard.

"It's a deal then." Ya Yin altogether, "You go to prepare dossiers, I will do the rest, the case study of our own know like. Yanshi Hui back in time before we must get this thing." Uncle Lee did a good job this year, for the flower garden is really the heart. Before listening to Dulin saying we should turn out flowerbeds Father also feel pity, and so saw Lu Ling Xi, said Father nor pity. In his telling, small dolls shares the taste. City people may not think that he stayed perennial rural, out is the tree, the ground is a crops, pick wild flowers everywhere, people are not particular about the city close to nature thing, small dolls have so little taste. Xiao Feng agreed down.

Ye Yan Kang questions for more frowned, answer the question and said:. "You do not cry hungry, we went to eat it." Yen Vietnam had had enough, "...... roll."High-light Dyestuff Lu Ling Xi wash effort here, Shaw hung a "3" to the district. Xiao Hong Shun also hold several boxes of firecrackers over, smiling for Ling Xi Lu said: "This is to Konishi you buy." Lu Ling Xi curious, he had seen such fireworks on television a few days ago Xiao Feng also hold several boxes back, but he never played himself. Wang Shuxiu shook his head, the little bastard on the face kinda got the idea. But she did not seriously, the more people Yan good little bastard much so a very good friend.

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