Ethyl Crotonate

Lu Ling Xi listened to his words, the leaves lightly sprinkled around water, plants needs quickly changed. Harmonia his eyes flashed, subconsciously looked up to Sulang. Home more than a snake, Wang Shuxiu did not immediately found. Soon end, and because of her wedding and Xiao Feng, Wang Shuxiu somewhat busy during this time worse. Few people take advantage of the hotel Monday, Xiao Feng and Wang Shuxiu to shoot wedding photos. Wang Shuxiu would have no need to think of these, she is old now, but also what to shoot wedding. Xiao Feng can be bent to shoot, but also with Lu Ling Xi go, said the way to shoot a few family portrait. Lu Ling Xi shook his head, Wang Shuxiu calm down, can not help but asked:. "Next time you encounter that old bastard you run, do not be silly standing by his flicker" This is Lu Ling Xi amnesia, amnesia, if not before, Wang Shu scholar not worry.

His remark voice was low, gained just looked over and asked how the Ling Xi Lu? Yan only vaguely heard the word brother. He directed cub shook his head, "Konishi drunk." Easy route envy hit hit Lu Ling Xi, "the youngest, did not see our goal?" Zheng New River with his students and Lu Ling Xi hired more than a dozen villagers together on the mountain. We dug a pit yesterday, today, as long as the plants were planted into the like. Labor down all morning, looking at the mountains and the river Zheng new buds, quite proud of the floor and Lu Ling Xi said:. "It could be a few months until two Zhushan bamboo hardness requirements, our We can start the production line. " The thing ...... Yinyong De shook his head, Xiaoya also grown up, not that timid child took his brother's sleeve and asked why the girl did not like her, and began to have their own thinking about this. Got into the car, the more you could not help Lu Yan Ling Xi in his arms, smiling at him, looked down eagerly kiss landing Ling Xi. Wang Shuxiu look happy, "That!" Easy route snorted, "the youngest you stupid, this thing is definitely still dealing ah, you forget our former friends?" Yan was so confidently say it more, I could not help but Lu Ling Xi unexpected facial features curved laughed. He carefully out of the bud from a small portion of the root portion rubescens, find a flower pot inside. "But." What comes to mind Ling Xi Lu, some worry, "if and how the evolution of the Dr. Su said?" After all, this strain Rubescens secretly left. "Peak brother is how to help in the kitchen?" Lu Ling Xi Xiaoshengdiwen forward.

"A more, you still mad at her mother's gas? Do you still would not forgive mother?" Yen more mouth brought back, hold back the urge to go around Ling Xi Lu, waved toward the juvenile, the rate went into the house. Lu Ling Xi do not think the other, followed behind Yan Yue. Yan has just entered the room was the more force in the arms, eagerly kissed lips. Long thoughts full condensate for a kiss, how are reluctant to let go of the Yen Lu Ling Xi. Hot love | want in the body rises, the more patience Yan desire for young, tightly confined him in his arms, until the pro Lu Ling Xi faint, long while slow, but God. Xiao Hong Xiao Feng did not hide it, Xiao Feng did not seriously listened to. When he is at home several times to see the big black Lu Ling Xi and a question and answer, vaguely guess seems to be communication between them. Today, more than a Xiao Hong and Xiao million that he is not surprised. Xiao Hong'd accepted the fact that I felt quite interesting, egg on Xiao Feng also raising a pet. Raised for a long time you might also be able to come to a soul. Xiao Feng did not who ignores this crop, the family has a large black, and that was enough. "Resignation?" Yan Kang and leaves the same accident, "Did not you say he was soon to be promoted it?"

In this process of fertilization, the Lu Ling Xi also know stature extra baggage, looks Ci Meishan old man surnamed Zhang, lanky physique, looked very good stern talking old man surnamed Zhao. Ling Xi Lu old man to two very good impression, after he heard amnesia, but also seriously asked for a long time. Lu Ling Xi originally thought the other was to take care of a small flower garden, they asked audible professional, and doctors said almost, hearts and a little confused their hats. Lu Ling Xi put down the hands of the kettle, explained:. "Du sister home, this time I will be in the store."Ethyl Crotonate If he now put teenagers lie on the bus, regardless of whether he left the band. Is not he can put in juvenile detention side, since then except that he will not have anyone to touch the boy. Just imagine this scenario, the Yen now to wait for them to drag on juvenile car, his uncontrollable wanted to touch him, wanted to occupy | to have him want to juvenile genuineness of a person belongs only to him. But he can not and will not bear. What are the consequences of doing so is, Ye Kang has made it very clear. People are social animals by nature, he was forced to go against the juvenile nature, the consequences could be extremely devastating. "I know." Wang Shuxiu to himself, little bastard actually remember clearly, but also know what to eat Huan Yan Yuexi filling. Her side just going to peel onions chop stuffing, Lu Ling Xi thought of what went into the kitchen door and asked the sentence, "Mom, you do eggplant mixed with garlic it? Yan brother kinda like to eat this one."

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