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Lu Ling Xi shy smile, "Fortunately, I am a person on the line." Wang Shuxiu funny stared at it, catch landing Lingxi the kitchen. "Over and over again, you come to disturb them, it's hot, quickly took out a large black." Old house already small kitchen, the family did not air-conditioned, Wang Shuxiu long hot a sweat. Now the kitchen addition of one person, one dog, but also to all her crowded, Wang Shuxiu about to feel the heat died. Yan Yongde by her voice choking a half to death, bitterly holding crutches hammer to hammer, "which of you is not to give him pressure, you are not care for him. Shihui good point, at least, remember A more co Poor's heir, but also on the snacks, How about you? you tube over the years the Arab it? "

Lu Ling Xi heart also think it a little strange, but anyway Wang Shuxiu finally get rid of the land of water. He could hear Wang Shuxiu tone of relief, but also for Wang Shuxiu heart happy. Without land and a water drag, he now has to work to make money, the body burden Wang Shuxiu alleviate a lot, you can not go to KTV to work, but a work-for-the-hearted. Wang Shuxiu not very young, always day and night reversed the body simply can not stand. She did not even do not understand, but subconsciously avoid this problem, you can not escape Wang Shuxiu now passed. Just think of last winter Ling Xi Lu Yan almost always with more live together, Wang Shuxiu heart can not tell what it's like. After much deliberation, Wang Shuxiu although no restrictions Lu Yan Ling Xi and more to meet the stringent requirements but Lu Ling Xi nine at night must go home. Fortunately, she observed these little bastard seems not entirely resuscitation, my heart was a little relieved. Lights hit him in the black dog, the Yen saw each other's eyes. There are vigilant, there is alienation, there Henli, but more of a desire to survive | look. Yan is more difficult to explain how it is, it seems to be the dog's eyes move, stop and hold the handlebars dog got all the way to find this pet store. Lu Ling Xi somewhat busy these days, the Yen is also busy with the things of cooperation, both at night before going to bed is to talk Yen more time with his affectionate yet more disappointing not speak these things. Chlorophytum promotion of these issues encountered, the more there is no telling Lu Yan Ling Xi. In fact, his heart is very contradictory, I can only hope that the juvenile has been worldly, to shield him from the wind and rain outside of everything, and if you really feel responsible for the boy, he would make a teenager to see the real world, rather than by his beautification over society. The more his face sometimes feel the mood quite like parents' children, because too much tension, so will trembling, overwhelmed. Yan regret the tone, "I and the small west out of the city, it is estimated to come back tomorrow, we owe this meal first." Ling Xi Lu laughed, "he also bought the last begonias." Tian Ling Xi Lu sister listen Wang Shuxiu Speaking of junior high school graduates dropped out, a little pity for him. She worried that Lu Ling Xi will feel embarrassed, what is the next higher 18-year-old, early first thought comforted law his sentence. Cub: "......"

Lu Ling Xi put away the panel back to God, only to find him too long at the door of the station, his clothes were faint rain wet. He shook his head, "No, in fact, not too cold." The more time before the talk Yen Lu Ling Xi quickly changed the subject, "Yan brother, your work is done?" Ye Kang Tanshou, "he resigned, not now in Beijing, dinner is out of the question." Lu Ling Xi nodded. Although he forgot, for him, it can be regarded as a secret panel in addition to the rebirth of the only thing. His heart is not clear panel and rebirth which sounds more bizarre number, but he is willing to face the presence of the more honest of the panel, but do not know how to speak rebirth thing. He occupies another person's body, occupy another person's family and friends. He loves life now, selfish and did not want to have any previous contact. These words he could not openly speak out against the more color, the more he was afraid to face him feel selfish, more afraid of Wang Shuxiu know sad. Sulang smile, looks moderate, "Andy has been restored almost, like people, can later life."

"Nothing good." Lu Ling Xi sleeve sweater with a bow, the Yen saw the snake on the wrist. He blinked in surprise, and some curious reach out and poked. Snake stare and shook his head, hesitantly toward the direction of landing Lingxi climb a few steps. Attracted by its taste here, very comfortable smell good. Yan looked at the small black snake let go of their own, a little bit toward the tip of the tail landing Lingxi fingers moved in the past. Yan Yue Ting laugh again.Retinoic acid Tretinoin Black Lu Ling Xi looked, smelled and bow buns, no action. Black sports swim to the front of Yan Yue, looked left and right stood shaking his head.

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