Methyl 3-aminocrotonate

Xiao Hong and Xiao Feng move those things in the yard, he said a few words to take away one million Shaw. Xiao Feng came into the room, Wang Shuxiu looked over, "Brother it, not here in the evening for dinner?" Ling Xi Lu insisted that Wang Shuxiu ultimately did not do him, only agreed to let him go on a few days classes look. Black has always been calm outside, unless that encountered any danger. I heard the dog barking across responded only whispered loudly, quietly squatting on the side of Lu Ling Xi. Lu Ling Xi in the river picked up a stone drilling of the ice, took out a small bottle fitted with a bottle of water going back quiz. Across the ice, you can hear the sound of rushing water below, bitter green grass in the water stretch, kind of strange beauty.

Easy route dress and went to the hospital the day while watching Lu Ling Xi almost big black skull t-shirt, holes in jeans, his face with hair is colorful, just like the poster person Lu Ling Xi before the pack to come out the same. No speculation of smoke, to meet both looked very calm. Yan Yan Shihui deeply looked more glances, as if he does not know. Yan looked more calm by his father looked at random. By now, no matter how you think Yanshi Hui, Yan have more care. "OK, OK, ah, the king of flowers I warn you enough ah!" The land of water hanging arm last no fighting in the hospital, while only beaten while back. Botanical name: a variation rubescens Middle-aged man froze for a moment, then nodded immediately. Lu Ling Xi "ah" sound. Ling Xi Lu Yen more Ce Toukan a sleeping face, hand to his forehead poke roots, very lovingly touched his face, determined to want to bow to a juvenile parent, fear of being around people see strange provoke eyes. He repressed his impulse to the heart, with the pulp rubbed juvenile lips, then smiled softly, seriously hand back from the hands of the booklet. You may want to make it clear that complicated, really want to land a careful study from talking about the water. Lu Ling Xi is not stupid, I do not want to worry about Wang Shuxiu, skip the front of the bedding, from morning to begin selling kindred Chunlan. But he did not dare say sold three hundred thousand, a hundred thousand sold only said that together with another person to take over the shop, one half of the two partners. "The money you owe me for you, you and a small West's mother divorced." The more cold Yan Road.

Xiao Feng did not speak, seems to be quiet for a while in the discretion of the tone, "I'm going over period of days and brought flowers to the card, and follow me flowers Konishi Do not worry, I will not let her wronged. You are floret his son, the future is my son. I've never been married nor had children, I do not know how others do father, but I will try to learn to be a qualified father. If you prefer, you can call me dad, do not want to peak, then called brother, uncle anything. no matter what is called, does not affect you as a son, I see. " This life is the former Miss Ling Xi dare not imagine. Health, care for his mother, a free new friends, completely dominated by his own, these are former Miss Ling Xi dream but you will never get. Black came over pet protruding tongue licked finger Ling Xi Lu, Lu Ling Xi just laughed, touched its head, "sleep." "You do not want to Qiu Tian gardening is done, my dad's the last time you sell those trees planted down only a few days TMD dead. Check the top soon, but this year the focus of the project, the new mayor staring at it, how do you say it? " Easy route subconsciously looked Lu Ling Xi, was wondering how they are the illnesses. Last youngest carry back off a trip to a willow saplings, that is evidently intended to QiuJun tree willow saplings carry back. Yen more like what did not hear the same look as always. Yan Yan Yongde looked more hesitant and want to say something, but eventually in the face of what seems to understand that in the eyes, to say a word. Lu Ling Xi subconscious horde body, then ran up somewhat embarrassed. He held his hands inconvenient for action, it is feared will hand rubs mud on the color of the suit jacket, the action quite difficult. Leaving Lu Ling Xi can not understand that the more color you do not smell the odor? How well the mood now kiss him? Wang Shuxiu today is really happy, everyone said open restaurants hard, but she is not afraid of pain. Her life to eat a lot of bitter, childhood family was poor for dinner also not afford to go out early to make a living. Lu later married a water, life is good although some may be a water-jerk Jiabu Zhu Lu, the day was still bitter. Should not hold her several times, and still think of little bastard just boil down. Not wishing Pro old days again becomes something to look forward. Since the last fertilization, Ling Xi Lu in a small garden and met once Zhanglao. Old Zhang remembers his amnesia, and asks him how to restore the. I heard he was not remember things in the past, also specifically Zhanglao comforted him a few words. Lu Ling Xi knew that he was not amnesia, but still very grateful Zhanglao comfort. He accompanied Zhanglao once poured water, plus one after another to take care of spider plants and green radish hall, the heart of the plant on the panel finally rose 99/100 (0-order) from the upgrade're just one step away. Yan Ling Xi Lu in front of more than black and more prestigious. Lu Ling Xi had finished speaking, black body stiff stiff, quickly put up the tail plate, the entire head buried in the inside.

"What?" Ye Kang cheer, feel the color so late he must find there is a serious thing. Who knows Yen pauses for a few seconds more, hesitated and said: "? Kang, if a man says he was dead, and that he is in fact another person, you think this is what happens." Fang Lei face the beginning of the interest has disappeared, he turned into a weird. He just kind of illusion that dogs seem to be in negotiations. This feeling too obvious, but how could that be? I looked on that big yellow dog aggressive, why it has to be afraid of an old dog? Why would get away? Fang Lei shook his head, that he is certainly influenced by the big black. Saw a large black dog so spiritual, the dog seems to feel around them have become spiritual. Fang Lei drove past the entrance to the village when the dog before being blocked man has gone, and the little boy and the big yellow dog still standing. Big yellow dog in front of the little boy whispered, cried, the little boy nodded solemnly, as if able to understand what the big yellow dog in the same call.

Yan looked more envious, from behind holding Lu Ling Xi biting his ear, pointing to one of them said:. "This position can also stop a person, I'll let Andrzej P me go." Heart random guess, QiuJun looked out the window, where the municipal office concentrated, green side of the road has been very good to see the weeping willows are basically more than a decade old trees. Lu Hong want to know he will have ten new courage to dare those mop-like seed trees here, where it is estimated that most broken Fengcheng, where grown most.Methyl 3-aminocrotonate Lu Ling Xi did not speak a strange emotion rising from the bottom of my heart, warm, rose up, he looked at Wang Shuxiu slight laugh. Ling Xi Lu and excited to sleep because of the different, the color of insomnia has become a habit. Two in the morning, the Yen opened the window, leaned in the window and lit a cigarette. He can not remember how many times in the past could not sleep at night from a man late at night waiting for dawn. Ye Kang said his insomnia is a form of mental illness, he had to get it right. Yan Kang leaves the upper surface of the conclusions noncommittal, but he was unconscious identity leaf Kang words, otherwise it will not be made with the leaves of the half-Kang psychiatrist toss a few years.

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