The blue cyanine B

Lu Ling Xi is looking a bit embarrassed, squat large underworld:. "This is another of our little secret, you can not tell other people." Small stones innocently, "Uncle You say you want to take me to my father, my father Where is it? Dad said last time I bought Transformers give it, he bought it?" A whisper down the afternoon, a hospital, first Zheng sigh cried.

"Two Ha obedient." Lu Ling Xi fell silent, looked at the big black, thought Wang Shuxiu, I do not know if he had adopted the Black case, Wang Shuxiu will not be angry? Large black paw poke to get the shotgun, quickly sprang a stray dog, ran off the only gun. Black squinted around in a circle, facing it with a few people shiver: "Dog dog ...... Tai Sin?" Lu Ling Xi smiled and nodded, "I know, you go back Dongge drive slowly." Yan put up one more finger. Lu Ling Xi quickly nodded. He was still dazed room, the little boy has been excited and said: "I can, I can understand A yellow words." Lu Ling Xi ranging from what kind of response, the little boy has just keep happy and said:. "A yellow" "Really you want to open shop?" Yan to confirm the channel. Lu Ling Xi hesitated a few seconds, the end is not to hold back and asked: "how he now?" Aware of the problem wrong, Lu Ling Xi hide explained: "I say I am your friend exactly the same name, he What to do? "

Although winter dormancy, but the willow body vitality is still very strong. Lu Ling Xi looked up at the taller vaguely seems some big willow, imagine the scene after it evolved again. This is Uncle Lee doubts about the place, he shook his head, "has not seen Ah Wong, could not find a small stone from the beginning have not seen Ah Wong." Homologous plant is selected homogeneous evolution? Listen to understand the black color, then grumbled climb on the shoulders of Ling Xi Lu, Lu Ling Xi rub rub the face, it was a long two teeth, how will bite so large teeth marks? Unfortunately, Lu Ling Xi did not understand its interpretation, as Yan Yue, the bad guys! "Bookstore, I want to buy this book." On the way back, Lu Ling Xi mood has been good. Large tracts of uncultivated farmland out of the window from the front passing, he thought of the micro-gardening small garden, if one day it all around the micro-gardening flower garden just fine. Halfway when Lu Ling Xi Wang Shuxiu who took a phone call, saying it was a land of water suddenly agreed to a divorce, they are now the Civil Affairs Bureau. Ranging Lu Ling Xi expressed surprise, Wang Shuxiu not believe himself.

Ling Xi Lu in the bookstore to buy a lot of books, mostly of flowers planted on farming and the like. Yi-Hang boring behind Lu Ling Xi, do not know what these books look good. Other family members came up with the ward does not have a stop, and all looked good show with great interest. Twenty patient is an eighteen-year-old boy, do not look a Wang Shuxiu a son, but on the surface it looks like she really is not such a great son of a mother.The blue cyanine B "How?" I asked one stopped Yan Shihui see. He now understood that a small gray sounds does not seem too happy to do anything, unless he can endure the kind of small gray "foolish mortals" tone.

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