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Therefore, although this time the cell environment changing, but everyone Actually, I'm think of any other. In addition to Lu Ling Xi was uneasy, we say it all the credit to the new mayor removed the garbage dump of this initiative, the conversations of the new mayor impression doubled. Poor fit, leaves home, the Li family ...... more than a dozen large and small are trying to win this project consortium, on the whole project quotes soared. With the increasing amount, he gradually withdrew from the consortium have competition, and finally left the Cape together and leaves home in contention. Lu Ling Xi whispered Enliaoyisheng reduction in the Yen's arms to find a comfortable position, half lying on the sofa and began to read readily pick up a flower illustrations. He looked at reading, but little attention is not focused, the more my mind kept thinking Yan said. The longer life of this world, the more he recognized the state of past life is not normal. This is not normal and not just because he could not go to school year-round needs to be at home, but do not want to think of going ...... Lu Ling Xi, put down the book stood up and hugged the waist Yan, head buried in the arms of the Yen.

Ling Xi Lu laughed, scratched his big black chin, "You have to sleep with me?" Fortunately, few boxes of chicken, large black short while eating clean. Lu Ling Xi carefully put away the trash, turned his head back to look at the front. Yan has been simmering in the air slowly scattered attention back on the boy's body. "Little bastard!" Wang Shuxiu smiled and swore, "would say something nice." Yen more eyebrow, did not expect to encounter Sulang coincidence. He habitually put his hand on the shoulder landing Ling Xi, which is a very possessive action against Sulang smiled. Lu Ling Xi agreed to donate in the night, a man Luguang Jing appeared in his room. And Li Caiying thoughts are different in diseased Laris security body, as far as possible to Luguang Jing Lu Wei Ling Xi Lu Ann and non-discriminatory. "Junior?" Ye Kang instant light gossip skills immediately rallied his spirits. Perhaps the family environment, the color the more emotionally somewhat over the top, these years have been a man. This is the first time I hear Kang Ye Yan The more you use this tone to mention another person. Although he said was not a juvenile girl a little unexpected, but these are minor issues. Last night, he had to take the hospital lobby Scindapsus experiment a lot, to determine a mysterious white panel can display wards he raised Chlorophytum basin can also display other plants. He had wanted to go to the garden to continue the pilot, but at the time it is in the evening, too many people in the garden, he was worried that people see that they are abnormal, only Renxia the idea. This morning, before dawn, Lu Ling Xi could not sleep, have been thinking about it. He felt faint, white panel detector is like a plant, and he is holding a similar detector "plant doctor", this new identity allowed him to plant more than an unspeakable intimacy. Yan was more scared of the moment this issue, then he is calm around, some of them not by the accident. "Go to your house for dinner?" Xiao Feng surprised a moment, did not expect Wang Shuxiu have this idea. "There Konishi enough, too old to toss anything."

Few people go to the best restaurant Fengcheng white courtyard, where Xiao Hong booked a private room. By White Courtyard is located in the west, too far away from some micro-gardening this street, connected to the drive over early Xiao Feng Lu Ling Xi. Out in front of Lu Ling Xi consider big black parked in Dongzhi there, Xiao Feng said no, go along with, nothing to pay attention to their own side. Besides Xiao Hong dog quite like home possessor of a Tibetan mastiff, this might also brought over. He said, hesitated Lu Ling Xi will also put big black belt in the side, there are pockets of black households black. Small stones had some fear, you can see these kids not afraid. He is deliberately to rely on three arrested, he knew Lai three bad guys, he wants to help Fang Shushu catch the bad guy. A few days ago to see a small stone Fang Lei casually talking, experts of the Fengcheng recently lost a lot of children, so that small stones attention point, do not always a person to run outside. A yellow small stones have relied, not afraid of anything. Today he was with A yellow hide and seek, the results met Fang Lei mouth traffickers. The other keeps saying to father took him to a small stone squinting his eyes followed them go. He knows A yellow will be behind him, he has to find the bad guy's house, and then took the police uncle to catch the bad guy. Land and water is a slap shot her a shorter length, holding his arm up loud yell. "Is not the last time you I do not give money, you see what I was labeled a. If you did not these things off to, I one arm gone." Lu Ling Xi dazed thought, trying to open his eyes want to look around. Where the sight of a blur, he blinked hard, flash memory fragments, yes, here is the hospital. He is surgery, her brother's body has a problem, the doctor said the brother is acute renal failure, his brother as HLA-identical matching compatriot who is the best transplant candidates. "Sister I was wrong!" And he quickly and loudly. Powell left his side, along with the Yen put down the hands of the notebook, look to the land being bookkeeping Ling Xi. "The guests are just old customers? How I was not impressed?" Yan Yue mean to him out of all his money, not a penny Lu Ling Xi pure technology shares, and of course the bank card inside three hundred thousand he would not close, just as his upfront. Lu Ling Xi how this proposal can not agree, the two men insisted that half of the money, accounting for more color and to share the bulk of micro-gardening. Lu Ling Xi think he has been regarded as an advantage, and White said he and his money are actually Yan Yue. Wang Shuxiu thought, simply said:. "On the line today, and I'm the United States and tone classes, you go home with him at night to eat a meal." A word of apology, wind, big black ears pricked up, looked out his tongue licked intimacy Lu Ling Xi chin. He's hard to describe the feeling of Wang Shuxiu, the other mother and performance is completely different, without his mother the impression that some dignified and elegant, however, he subconsciously wanted to befriend her.

Yan all the way along the front of a small Gold Cup, when walking past a restaurant car deliberately stopped, looked at Ling Xi Lu, "what to eat?"

Peak brother looked very happy vegetables studio head, just received yesterday the first crop of vegetables on Baba boss sent flowers to the results just by heavy rain trapped in there. But wondering cub, estimated peak brother kinda grateful heart heavy rain, anxious to keep it a big rain falls. Qianlao looked at his face and laughed, the Xue through strict sense is not a real businessman, but more inclined to plant lovers. This is also Qianlao appreciate his place. Plants do not like the plant, only to use them as a means to make money, long-term look at one thing is completely preposterous.Crotonic Acid Xue Tong turn the idea of ​​a more conscious guessed Yan had come, the moment readily said:. "No problem, what we two relations, it should help each other." "Mom." Lu Ling Xi quietly standing beside Wang Shuxiu and call a cry. Wang Shuxiu not used to listen to him call his mother, he is also interested in the past and want to live apart, Wang Shuxiu being mentioned once, he had made no call mother. After Lu Ling Xi Wang Shuxiu kick greeted with sight glanced gently leaning against the wall of the three. Through their age it seems this body should be friends, but they are really too strange dress.

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