Methyl Crotonate

Tian sister remembered something, concern said: "Little Miss discharged what you going to do?" Range Ling Xi Lu replied, her straight and said:. "The reading your age or we talk of the town home the point can be considered understanding of people, if you want reading, let your brother Lee running, find a place to re-read a high one, that is, than the average big two year old student, nothing. " They left not long after, a land of water from a corner nook drilled out, foul-mouthed toward the car pulled away spat. Black whispered cry, inviting Fang Lei legs moving out. Fang Lei chuckle, "want to go back? OK, I'm looking for people to send you back tomorrow again thank you for your master." He said he commanded last saw a large black police send back the first big black micro gardening. The policeman readily agreed down. Black looked at Fang Lei commanded the house locked, and finally saw a small house, followed the police away.

"Hurry, green light." Yan Ling Xi Lu in front of more than black and more prestigious. Lu Ling Xi had finished speaking, black body stiff stiff, quickly put up the tail plate, the entire head buried in the inside. "it is good." That afternoon, the more something is not Yan, Lu Ling Xi being a person in the store inventory from Taobao to buy the seeds, a customer looking over. Lu Ling Xi look too clean, looked Wang Shuxiu look innocent. Wang Shuxiu a "little bastard" to the mouth, stunned life and life Yanhui stomach, to "hungry?" "Dad, Xiaoya also your granddaughter, you ......" Lu Ling Xi bit surprised, "When it comes to the end of August is not it? Now have the beginning of September, so it does not matter it has been on vacation?" Lu Ling Xi Enliaoyisheng. Wang Shuxiu pursed his lips, too lazy ignores them, landing Ling Xi pull into the cell.

Lu Ling Xi imagine Fang Lei received a Band-Aid expression, Renzhao Xiao nodded. Lu Ling Xi some small excitement, according to this trend continues, they will soon be able to expand the size of the flower garden. To keep up as long as the sales profits will certainly be higher, he can also earlier debts Yen more money. Pan over accounts, Lu Ling Xi Yan begin preparations for the open shop before casually mentioning things. Lu wanted a water well, did not expect to actually follow the dog around Ling Xi Lu. The dog was a call out, his feet on the soft. Finally summon the gas, but also followed the little bastard people go. However, land-water touched his chin, little bastard got to know what this rich, enough to look at the car and then he also turned over a gambling debt. Do not know how the relationship between the little bastard in the end and the other kind? Can I borrow some money save emergency? That evening Lu Yan Ling Xi an excuse to find something more to live next door to room 301 left Xiao Feng and Wang Shuxiu. Two hearts do not know how to think, the more color is thrilled. He rubbed his hair Ling Xi Lu, gravely tone of hope: "If every day like Xiao Feng." Both Ye and Kang said loudly, they simply pick up her things to go home that afternoon and drove away in Beijing. From Beijing to the Fengcheng full speed car, was badly blocked. Yan more casually said:. "Should take the high-speed rail back" Yen more Enliaoyisheng, "Yan sea leaked trade secrets, poke a big basket, help him to wipe his father now, and in a short time is not a domestic energy distraction." Dulin then I thought, good, too. She motioned to the corner to see Lu Ling Xi, "Recognizing that potted it? It can see what is wrong with you?" Lu a water neck stem, "This is my family why I can not come back." Seeing Wang Shuxiu look bad is about to Biao, Lu a water suddenly the tone of a soft, pleading again, "Flowers I was wrong, this time I really know is wrong. I will never bet, then bet the son of a bitch. peak brother this is really killing me ah, he said I should not have to pay back the money to put me to the northwest mining, you I looked at the bear was beaten to death peak brother. florets 1st couple hundred days grace, you will save me so once again it. " Deep sleep father was shirk Yin Seiran very unhappy, excited and said: "A more Yanshi Hui has been squeezed into the case, Yan sea have stepped on his head, and his father You'll sit tight?" "Ah." Lu Ling Xi nodded, watching the big black eye in showing the crushing smile. It is very popular to the pet clothes, Lu Ling Xi had also wanted to buy a big black, but do not like the big black, Ling Xi Lu also made with it. He did not know what kind of clothes to wear big black yet.

Wang Shuxiu these years is not thought a water and land divorce, leave this mess. But each time she mentioned land on a water landing Lingxi naughty egg. Although Lu Ling Xi Lu a water usually a scornful look, mentioning the divorce is definitely a land standing water here. Down several times, Wang Shuxiu no longer mention. She is such a son, also put up for Ling Xi Lu. For more color coming back this time, Yan Yongde great expectations. He always felt more months before departure together Yan Pu is compelled by the situation, after six months of keeping a low profile small, coming back this time would not go any farther. Yan heard across Ends intends to continue "to go abroad to rest," Yu Yan Yongde puzzled and somewhat dissatisfied.Methyl Crotonate Lu Ling Xi Fangxiawankuai went to the balcony, surprised at everything in sight. Scan spirit spread, yet small buds forming in front of the rotation. After Yan to adopt more big black thing, Lu Yan Ling Xi on the impression is very good, is that the character of some cold Yan. He remembered yesterday and the Yen Yen laugh more reaction, so after leave each phone, he also did not know what to say that more and Yan. With more embarrassed smile Yan, Lu Ling Xi squat again played a big black funny.

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