Disperse Dyestuff

"...... Eat sticky ribs." On the other side, Lu Ling Xi is a look of apprehension and Yan Yue said it. He was totally instinctive blurted out, even after he finished feels right, I do not know Wang Shuxiu think? Small stones innocently, "Uncle You say you want to take me to my father, my father Where is it? Dad said last time I bought Transformers give it, he bought it?"

He said interesting, Lu Ling Xi followed laughed, the laugh asked Grandma Wang's legs did not hurt these days, right? Lu Ling Xi's eyes instantly lit up, he has been thinking about how to earn more money, but also to the color of money, and then save some money to support the family so that Wang Shuxiu not so hard. If you really can open a shop online, then now would surely be a lot more customers. Wang Shuxiu to spit, pull landing Lingxi into the house, locked the door to direct water off a land on the outside. Yen more guessed his thoughts, could not help but whispered and laughed, for Ling Xi Lu got dissatisfied eyes. He tried to crimp smile, try to make yourself look a little sincere tone, "I know, this is my mother's mind, we do not live up to it, OK?" "What?" Lu Ling Xi look puzzled. Few people go to the best restaurant Fengcheng white courtyard, where Xiao Hong booked a private room. By White Courtyard is located in the west, too far away from some micro-gardening this street, connected to the drive over early Xiao Feng Lu Ling Xi. Out in front of Lu Ling Xi consider big black parked in Dongzhi there, Xiao Feng said no, go along with, nothing to pay attention to their own side. Besides Xiao Hong dog quite like home possessor of a Tibetan mastiff, this might also brought over. He said, hesitated Lu Ling Xi will also put big black belt in the side, there are pockets of black households black. A neighbor schadenfreude, in the district not far away from AGF * cell, some time ago had just a cell within the Greenbelt Plan became a full parking lot, a parking space outside to sell a hundred thousand dollars. The results of this rain down, the entire parking lot an ocean, the water inside the car were all to have sunk. AGF was jealous of this cell is not nobody thousands of dollars, the result now who say that money does not matter, the change say the importance of the environment. "Ye third brother is not in Fengcheng? Help me check a person." Tentacle creamy skin and moist, like the finest jade. Yan is more friction | fondle another twist | knead until the kiss of Lu Ling Xi whole body felt weak, shortness of breath, wheezing stop. He slightly hard, the whole Ling Xi Lu picked up against the bathroom wall. Lips and teeth entwined among young sweet feeling, mind inexplicable flashed that sentence teenagers - in fact, I'm dead.

Wang Shuxiu just showered out into the room to see Lu Ling Xi hesitant stopped him, she wanted to talk about the resignation of Lu Ling Xi things. Lu Ling Xi Wang Shuxiu nor is it to make a decision, but home to their mother and each other, not the backbone of a man, there is nothing to discuss only two. After all are done, Lu Ling Xi quickly had a bath, shaking his long legs sitting on the balcony, looking to meet the fruits of his labor. We do not know when these seeds germinate? When the results? Guitar out tomatoes would taste? He imagined the little buds grew up, blue bear fruit, then a bigger day by day red, heavy hanging on the plant, could not resist a slight laugh. "What do you want?" Wang Shuxiu vigilance Road. Lu Ling Xi struggling as they talk about the protagonist, this experience is very strange to him. He could feel Wang Shuxiu heartfelt pride, proud of him. He felt that he really did not do anything, just hugged the waist of the man known as the father in the chaos, so a little thing needs Wang Shuxiu so happy? Lu Ling Xi Wang Shuxiu tilted his head looked in profile, the other reddish eyes is gone, then the smile is sincere heart.

She rested here a small restaurant which has been concerned about the situation outside the easy route with a shop attendant immediately rushed out and stand in front of Wang Shuxiu. Rafflesia is actually said just before a giant black bud, next to the staff leaving marks. Wang Chaoliang bud around in a circle, with some regret, "not to bloom when we see it is estimated that blossomed."Disperse Dyestuff Wang Shuxiu contrast their own sons and three other little bastard stand together, think again Lu Ling Xi amnesia is not a bad thing. Although she scolded fierce Ling Xi Lu but also know that they can be promptly sent to the hospital three credit, they also call the three, she scolded therefore few will forget. But for them to go to the ward, Wang Shuxiu is forcing them to face in the wash chamber and colorful hair in disorder get hold clean. Now he is dead, he got into his own life, is not to say that he no longer owes parents, they give him life, they raise his kindness, he finally paid off all.

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