Fluorescent Disperse Dyestuff

Father standing behind his mother, his face look obscure complex, he looked at his father to see his mother, obedient nod. Su Wei positive shook his head, "brats resigned now joined a volunteer organization what leukemia, ran vain outside the home every day." Although the tone seems to be complaining, but in fact positive Su Wei was pretty happy. Previous Sulang In Beijing, both grandparents and grandchildren will not see a few times a year. Now Sulang stay in Fengcheng, although outside to run every day, how late can be no accident the night to go home, almost every day, see both grandparents and grandchildren do not know better than ever how much. Lu Ling Xi if not finished, Wang Shuxiu it rude to interrupt him, "his aging mother only forty, where the old, can not say to the little bastard you save money to marry a wife ah."

Shaw is called millions of Tibetan mastiff reluctantly convergence body of hostility, no longer called upon to shut up. Lu Ling Xi in the past eighteen years, we can say almost never heard people swear. Occasionally, he will see some of the television or the book, but a mother scolded his son, or he encountered for the first time. But somehow, although Wang Shuxiu rude tone, Lu Ling Xi felt her rude tone is concealed beneath this concern with the body. Konishi this Wazi good heart, keep them all in the garden, do not eat and drink what they do, just look at the door at night, keep keep flowerbeds like. Li Yan uncle listen more mean, again hire a person in charge in the flower garden in the evening night man is also responsible to take care of these dogs. Father would like to recommend Xu Third, there he is not afraid of looking at what happened downtown Xu three. But the Yen last time go urgent, Lee uncle could say anything, the past two days he has been taking care of these dogs. "Konishi back." Xiao Feng look natural, hand peeled potatoes cut in half, landing Ling Xi smiled and then let the door open mouth, like he did not hear the same tone abnormalities. Xiao Feng silent black tail grabbing it from the inside pulled out the cake, black wore a cream struggling with. These years Green Hin Horticulture Development well, in addition to undertake various kinds of green projects, but also a steady supply of Fengcheng flower demand ten percent. Xue Tong can not meet, we have been trying to develop new sales channels. Flower Market gardening shop from the street was not far, in fact, does not say that the flower market, like a flower lovers AC ground. Indeed, as being inside Su Wei said what flowers are, most of the nearby farmhouse for sale raised their own, small part from several large flower garden surrounding Fengcheng. Listen Su Wei Ling Xi Lu being said this is just the beginning flower market by a number of flower lovers gather together, then slowly to famous people, the more, the scale of it is growing. Fengcheng some basic gardening enthusiasts know here. Fang Lei blanket down, "I send you back, will also be just nothing." The more unexpected Yan shook his head, "a child is not sensible thought so, and later on do not mind."

Yekang Si Yan and the family, "your parents them ......" "Hungry? I'll cook, you go back to the house would be a lie." Lu Ling Xi Wang Shuxiu worry just discharged, toss it down the body can not stand, drove him to rest. Yan Yue SMS quickly come back, "I'll pick you up."

Wang Shuxiu quickly said nothing, she heard spoken sister Xiao Feng himself a little weak, with the eyeball like to see her brother. Cartons, black snake that eats its tail are circling, see the Yen over his head curiously explore. It depends on the color with a long while, hand pinched it carry up to seven inches. Last night he was dreaming all this stupid snake, which in the end do not know where they come from. Small black snake grabbed seven inches is not afraid, innocently looked more for a color, tail tip a small margin to hook up, tentatively wrapped around the wrist on the Yen.Fluorescent Disperse Dyestuff "The money you owe me for you, you and a small West's mother divorced." The more cold Yan Road. After the home phone number of the phone are left Lu Ling Xi, Dulin again explain to store liquidity Lu Ling Xi, pack up and left. She is not worried about Lu Ling Xi took the money and ran. As a result, Lu Ling Xi is the easy route know, although several people wanted to have fun, but the character is trustworthy. Secondly, just the two get along, Lu Ling Xi to Dulin impression is really good. The feeling is not yet clear when met yesterday, today, do not know is not severe morning sickness, Dulin originally a little irritable, but Lu Ling Xi standing beside a long time, inexplicable mood to calm down.

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