Solvent Dyestuff

Passing large willow, Lu Ling Xi paused. He points to open the white panel, a large willow root system has been extended towards the four weeks. He went in the direction of the root system has been extended through the bottom of the Spirit River, across the river to continue to stretch toward the past. Across the river is the scope of the spirit of water village, but no one lived, basically some of the abandoned land. Beyond that there is a small hill, hills opposite what Lu Ling Xi do not know. Plant Name: eggplant fingers Lu Ling Xi collected trot umbrella car, so his right shoulder also wet.

Yan heart of a more flexible, although the juvenile tried to calm, but her eyes are very disturbed. He was a bit distressed, light laugh: "I also would like Konishi is no secret how you say the last part of this secret man fell asleep.." "Good." Lu Ling Xi nodded obediently. Lu Ling Xi a laugh. My heart but do not care. Really he was not afraid of competition, begonia is evolved, I do not see what's to come. Him this confident expression fall color of the eyes, itching of the face hand touched his face, "so confident, not afraid?" Neighbors watched want to say anything, small courtyard doors open timely, Lai Lai four three brothers stood in the doorway, and loudly:. "Brother, sister-in-law you finally come back, waiting for you to eat." "I did not hurt last time the pain is blowing, cold day to play croquet, a station that is a long time. Young people are not anti-down, do not say you are the king grandma." Lu Ling Xi hear amnesia, man lengleleng "really amnesia?" Dongzhi sighed and explained: "The stray dogs are like this would be very sensible wink Man afraid to eat it more Memories, usually like to eat half full.." This is the land before it is fed Lingxi eat in the morning he wanted something to eat to feed the black, black looked at him to turn his head later, there is a clear alert eyes. Lu Ling Xi Enliaoyisheng, waving from the window with a style all their own Rana, for the Yan explained: "Its owner abroad, Dong brother said to go to Africa for three years to come back the other side is not convenient to take it out, it is holding. Dongge give him to find a master. " Lu Ling Xi's attention on the needs of plants and plant survival of the sweep in a circle, a little disappointed, but the hearts of some careful thought and felt as if it should be is this. He found the panel for nearly a month's time, although they are still not sure what is in the end panel, but there are probably some speculation. Fundamental or secondary panel does not function too Guards. That combined with the previous sentence, Lu Ling Xi wanted to revive the so-called panel probably Chunlan again with life, it is no longer a dead state, but can eventually come to feed, or to rely on his efforts.

Black obedient to stay in the car, not naughty. Ye Kang some fortunate, "Fortunately, did not bring together two ha, or may headache." Micro-gardening the past six months have been profitable, but Ling Xi Lu Yen has also been due to more money. From the beginning of two hundred thousand more to pay to buy the Yan Qiu Tian garden, remember Lu Ling Xi are posted. Although the two together, Lu Ling Xi think the money is to be clear enough, and he can not account for the more expensive pigments. Ling Xi Lu insisted that the color can not only promised him. Fortunately, the last high Yongliang cooperation and make a fortune, plus the revenue of this new spider plants, Lu Yan Ling Xi not only pay off the money, but also the remaining part. He put part of all saved up, do a card, the password is Wang Shuxiu birthday. Yen more chuckle, "how can? Bamboo are good flexibility and toughness, density and small, several times the strength of steel ......" Xue through the emergence of Lu Ling Xi is an ordinary customer terms, it did not particularly care how. After going back to Xue but rather through micro-gardening obsession, holding bought Rieger begonia research studies go, it made up his mind to work out in the end is what kinds of flowers hybrid cultivars. "Oh." Lu Ling Xi promised a cry, he can not wait to see more color is also very happy.

This is the first Fang Leigang ready to catch up on sleep a few days not seen the little gray menacing rushed over, gently leap jump Fang Lei's face, angrily meow up. Lu Ling Xi: "......"Solvent Dyestuff Lu Ling Xi Wang Shuxiu whole face attached to the chest, suddenly flushed up. Since he did not have a memory and mother so close before, not to mention Wang Shuxiu Although this body of the mother, may for the purposes of Ling Xi Lu also belong to the category of strangers. However, he wants to get rid of Wang Shuxiu embarrassed embrace, Wang Shuxiu watching his appearance, a row on his forehead and kissed a few mouthfuls, laughing exclusion:. "What shame shame, forget your childhood feeding time" Lu Ling Xi think trance, did not realize that half Yen more attention all over his body. Corner watching the juvenile smile face, Yan has been more irritable mood slowly calm down. Boy in front of like a pearl in clam shells, clam shells from heavy, wash the outside of the sludge is gradually outward show others the moist fine Ze beauty. He believed that he was not only a man found a good Ling Xi Lu, from Dongzhi to Dulin, since there will be others. These young people will find good, young side will want to stay, even where a person would like him to hold the same juvenile mind.

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