High-wash Dyestuff

He said so, Yin Yongde will say anything bad. Gained much gas, peak brother must marry the boss and flowers, this old cop would dare to dig Peak brother corner. He turned and put the matter told Xiao Feng, indignation on the phone and asked: "? Do you want me to beat him up and fly two" Lu Ling Xi Wang Chaoliang see sleepy look, a little strange, "Konishi sleep well last night?"

Lu Ling Xi looked Dulin a guilty conscience, softly: "? It is Calceolaria" Not such a big thing Yanshi Hui Yan assured to the sea, sea Yen heart is not convinced, this time a positive performance, helped by a message Hupenggouyou poking around, just to make themselves look a high Yanshi Hui. Hard to do a lot of Xiao Feng may be psychological after his father's construction, Ling Xi Lu played carefully peel garlic. No stripping or two on the table the phone rang. Unique ringtones let his eyes lit up. "Yan brother?" Yan from the last time to see him come back to the present, they have not seen a small half. Sulang silent smile, he tried for a lighter topic, bed boy raised his head and asked one last question. Far enough away not think, now close it, the more color the boy who just feel kind of comforting taste. Just so quiet stood beside him, his heart had been repressed rage and then slowly down gently. So that he could not help but want to be near some of the juvenile, then closer. Plant evolutionary direction: soil decontamination + 20% Off the Father Su, Lu Ling Xi from behind the cash register to hold a kindred variation rubescens. These days rubescens looks good, lush color, he looked very lovable, but still no sign of evolution. Yan the heart of a dynamic, cyclists think the idea is good, you can sit in front of the small West, always able to Konishi in her arms. He was thinking was not to be'll go buy a bike, Sulang been talking down to business, "Yes, next week I'm going to N.T headquarters trip, the foreign patent medicines rubescens also applied for." Restaurant, sitting in Yanshi Hui's first, and the Yin Yan Seiran were sitting around him. Andrzej little embarrassed to sit around Yan Yue, really can not stand the atmosphere here. No one spoke, everyone just ate in silence in front of the food, even though these foods prepared very carefully, Andrzej still can not eat a kind of feeling. He vaguely swept Yan Shihui one, in each other's face, only to see the perfunctory and alienation.

This flower Ling Xi Lu never seen before, he was almost the first time by the spirit scan. Simply let a word once given Ling Xi Lu heart, knees he sat on the bed, holding a cell phone to face more and more messages. "Konishi to let unloading it." "Good." Lu Ling Xi nodded obediently. The so-called right of inheritance on a country and Prince, is a nice title Bale. As long as the old emperor die, I want to change how much Prince can be. Similarly, the father holding together Cape for many years, very heavy product Viagra. Even with my grandfather with a bunch of directors contend, in his father's eyes are nothing more than some trouble, simply shake his father's position. Also take into account the presence of previous father and grandfather of the outside wind assessment, now with the mother's naughty, father have fewer and fewer scruples. Even if he came back, it was a straitjacket imposed puppet Bale. Fang Lei said himself laughed, touched Lisa's head, Stern said:. "Konishi time you are looking for one thing to trouble you." Yi Diesheng called down on the bed juvenile finally opened his eyes. He did not finish, but the meaning is clear. Yan laughed more, "Rest assured, this study is very investment value. Commissure Temple Group and Lu Branch Group have heart, you want to win we have to work harder." She was adamant, Zhang promised to severely heart down. Although the current study rubescens effect without his vision is so good, but in general there are pathogenic protein leukemia induced degradation and apoptosis, but the effect is slightly slower, not be regarded as contrary to the doctor's conscience. Zhang so convince himself, silent sigh. Zhanglao looked around for a long time made up his mind, Stern, Lu Ling Xi said: "? Konishi, this strain of Chunlan you you serve."

Thought flashed, Ling Xi Lu heart of a dynamic, quickly saw the rise of the balcony to call one more color. Yan can only see the back from his point of view, the more evidently Yan 1:30 would not finish the phone. Lu Ling Xi heart pounded jumped up, almost like a thief, like secretly opened a booklet. In fact, he is very curious about the contents of the above, but embarrassed to ask the top face in the end what is written. Andrzej bit surprised, but instantly thought of what some of his horror saw a more color, more color before noticed quickly recovered sight. He already guessed this is where sister next door is properly due. No wonder the boss a stranger not nearly the way, turned out to be not catch sister. I never expected to run for the boss can not handle as well as a woman. The other eye in the end how high, even the boss also frown. But also allowed him to think that he will come Fengcheng first thing is to help the boss to buy a house chasing girlfriend. Andrzej to faint hint of his future had a bad feeling, he must talk it up and leaves Kang.High-wash Dyestuff Yan eyes seemed to burn with the flame, as if floating in one eye deep shallow light. He looked down at the boy, one hand resting on the head of the juvenile, the juvenile's hand clutching his hand, stacked his hands so that he could not resist sweet shuddered. "Konishi."

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