Hear his name, big black whispered into the microphone shouted. Black lazily from Lu Ling Xi stuck his head out of the pocket, spit spit Nobuko, as to what to say, do not know Ling Xi Lu. Black Ci slip his feet, crouched in front of Lu Ling Xi muffled cry. Lu Ling Xi Wang Shuxiu a look at this face is exposed, immediately skip this topic, she is not obliged to let Lu Ling Xi recovered memories, Lu Ling Xi even think it's better now. Had the doctor say what recovered memory every day more conducive to the rehabilitation of land Ling Xi, she did not bother to tell them.

Lu Ling Xi saw a large black one, whispered: "? Someone will adopt it anyway." Yan Yan Yongde accompany the Phoenix hill to climb when Lu Ling Xi only just got up. A Man Called Wing Tong Xue's full name is Fengcheng Green Hin gardening boss. Green Hin Qiu Tian gardening and horticulture fighting for years, Green Hin gardening has become under the wind. In recent Qiu Tian gardening may suddenly hurt. First Qiu Tian sell potted gardening is pull back, face a big hit, followed by gardening and broke Qiu Tian Lu Hong EPA's new son collusion of these years on Fengcheng municipal greening projects secret operations fishing a lot of money. Black short called a few times, Lu Ling Xi laughed, reluctantly said: "I know, and so the weather warms up and went out jogging." He finished with a smile playing big black flexor moment, joked: "You're a big black Yen more like a big brother. " Yip psychological clinic in Beijing Wang Shuxiu snorted, "What does it matter, the old bastard and we have does not matter, divorce certificate is not white-collar workers. Besides, I've heard them home on Xiao Feng mine quite formal, insurance everything, good taste drink governing them, it is to do some work and tired to death. " Along this topic trio chatted up. Kang Ye do not know what plant evolution, only that the air is improving Fengcheng environmental effects caused by the New Deal, but he is not optimistic about the long-term future Fengcheng. The industrial city of Fengcheng, the most important is the economic pillar of coal and steel. But had these two are the most serious environmental pollution two. Fengcheng new mayor, although the main environmental protection, but it is impossible for the economic development of laissez-faire attitude. His trees everywhere in Fengcheng, also closed a number of small steel mills incomplete procedures, in terms of overall environmental Fengcheng only palliative. Species more, as long as the adjustment of industrial structure Fengcheng not want to completely avoid contamination can not. Besides the five-year term of office of the mayor, the mayor left who knows the next mayor will be arrested or caught economy environmental protection? With the evolution of the store plants, gardening inside the micro environment is better than the previous lot. Even just standing outside the shop, which can feel kind of greenery. Not to mention the need to move the store, there is a stroll in the fresh woodlands feeling, indescribable refreshing.

One person, one dog Shumenshulu straight corner flower market dropped those half-dead plants and flowers, carefully rake up. Plant Name: Wild ChunlanCiclopirox Xiao Feng this person is very interesting, today forty years old, single. He will come Fengcheng ten years time, from a bully Xiaohun to now, men have two chess museum, a part-time put usury. Lu a water money is owed to the Xiao Feng. These are not the focus of attention of Yan, Xiao Feng is focused on doing things very unexpected. He had a brother in the Northwest home, contracted a small private coal mines, there are about a quarter of the workers in the mine Xiao Feng is owed money. Xiao Feng Baochibaozhu these people, never withheld wages monthly payments, but each time the wage is sent to the hands of a warming cover, and soon they have to also into the hands of Xiao Feng. When repaid the money owed to Xiao Feng, whenever they left from there. Before leaving, Xiao Feng gave a toll plus half the cost of living to ensure that people do not starve to death on the road. Bustling wedding celebration for a long time, in a few of them gained under deliberately naughty, Lu Ling Xi some drunk. This is Lu Ling Xi Shi two first drink, drinking, when he looked at what did not, obediently sitting there, he heard the others speak, quietly very well-behaved. We all thought he was all right, the only color found his wrong. Taking advantage of no one noticed, the more touched Yan Ling Xi Lu's face, I feel a little bit hot, but it should be nothing.

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