Yan Yue hot eyes and focus, looking like this land have Lingxi just think of the heart. He looked down with Lu Ling Xi offset forehead, said:. "I find you at night." He said these words when the heart did not end, this strain of Clivia roots point of view is already mostly rotted away from the panel. Although he saw through the panel this strain of Clivia symptoms, but how treatment is still a problem. Lu Ling Xi rain to put flowers at the door moved back to the store, some worried looking out of the sky. Less than five powerful dark, visibility is very low. Like this certainly can not go to a flower garden, a large black plum over there do not need to take care of his uncle to worry, he is now worried so much rain, how the Yen back.

He looked a little too ecstatic, until he stood before the Yen has not been found. Author has to say: Get updates, pro-resistance drops we see you tomorrow night ~ ~ we should also see that coming, and soon the end of it ~ Lu a water holding the idea, go to the hospital in the process of put himself portrayed as a done wrong regret it, but do not know how to make you want to make up for the man. His wife to divorce him, his son refused to forgive him, he thought of suicide under disheartened. And he still has a little selfish, you want to rely on a false family died for money, to be doing his final responsibility. Lu Ling Xi a packed his things, other family members in the ward, and he read it. Speaking of this year really is not too cold, the wind blows to the face, although still a little cool, but winter is not cut like that too raw, but obviously a lot of soft. Xiao Hong breath, window reveals fresh air. Fengcheng winter he not feel much of a difference and northwest, are the North, are also heavy industrial city, almost all wind up. But now such a ratio, Fengcheng air much stronger than the northwest. Lu Ling Xi quickly packed up things and went to the big black wall. Wang Shuxiu looked at his back, thinking the Yen also headed Queenan mind somewhat pleased, speaking privately with Xiao Feng can not help a bit worried. They walked about a half an hour away, Wang Chaoliang said:. "Do not look like we go far, in fact, there still belongs to the edge of the rainforest, go straight ahead so simply no end." Ye Kang Ling Xi to see the landing thoughtfully, eyes beneath pure juvenile, who has a very comfortable atmosphere, the more time it comes to color, facial features curved full trust. He really believed that the more color is such a person of his mouth, without the slightest doubt. He probably understand why some would face the more unusual the juvenile so. Teenagers who have an attraction, like a warm feeling mixed with light. He could imagine the Yen saw the first reaction teenagers, like the color of this warmth missing from childhood, people living in the kind of chaos in the home, must be unable to resist this attraction, will want to be near uncontrollable. Off the Father Su, Lu Ling Xi from behind the cash register to hold a kindred variation rubescens. These days rubescens looks good, lush color, he looked very lovable, but still no sign of evolution.

"All right, you wait for me pick a few tomatoes." That evening, the same color as well as insomnia.

"it is good." Lu Ling Xi looked Dulin a guilty conscience, softly: "? It is Calceolaria"Crotamiton Sulang and Huo Weiping on clinical trials rubescens success, no two days two people received the message, close clinical trials on Cape rubescens also made a breakthrough, is preparing to apply for a patent. "Eat!" Yinyong De Duanhe soon interrupted her words, the first cold face and stood up.

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