High-light Dyestuff

This experience Ling Xi Lu did not realize that he wanted to take care of flowers so simple. Previously, when Lu home, nothing else he would occasionally go to the garden to see the flower watering pruning shears. He was thought that these very simple, but when he began to personally take care of the pots of spider plants, he found that even such a simple thing watering are also learned. The beginning of time, the Yen helped Sulang took the examination and approval of new drugs in clinical studies. Sulang and Huo Weiping officially began to recruit volunteers for clinical trials. Andy's father that time Pan Pan Liang after the tough choices chose to let Pan Andy join clinical trials. He is beginning to participate in the test side while waiting for a suitable bone marrow bank there transplant. As can be tested in vivo leukemia Pan Andy pathogenic protein constantly degraded and inducing apoptosis in oridonin, his condition has improved significantly. Seeing Pan Andy a turn for the better every day, Pan Liang heart calmed down since then to focus entirely on the new drug trials. Come late interest threw a landmine 八月桂花香 threw a ground Lei Wen threw a landmine

Since fever, always feel brain is not enough, do not know this chapter I did not say clearly what BUG ~ welcome pro-resistant noted ~ Thank you Yen more open window, "That the Huskies how?" Young asked to speak to see Fang Lei, the last moment tampered because the plastic factory and spirit of water village conflict do that again, the focus also mentioned the dogs surrounded by strange plastics factory. Gang of young village did not believe what the dog of the rumors, as one finds it all behind someone dictates, be sure it is the spirit of water village people. Uncle Lee heart save trouble, and do not know who said that. He heard in the end is true, or his body out what went wrong with the hallucinations? But he obviously felt the body is getting better, even the village people quipped he looked like the young teens. Father pondering for a long time, that is their own auditory hallucinations, and distracted mind pressure in this matter. Wang Shuxiu funny stared at it, catch landing Lingxi the kitchen. "Over and over again, you come to disturb them, it's hot, quickly took out a large black." Old house already small kitchen, the family did not air-conditioned, Wang Shuxiu long hot a sweat. Now the kitchen addition of one person, one dog, but also to all her crowded, Wang Shuxiu about to feel the heat died. Easy Hang a boring person, habitual to go around Minato Ling Xi Lu, a customer walked in the door. "Welcome!" Easy navigation fast response, cried half only to find is actually an acquaintance, yesterday met Cheng brother. Lu Ling Xi: "......" Xiao Feng smiled, "Did not you say flowers dried beef northwest delicious it, this time more specifically brought you, you keep eating slowly. After not often back home, and those outside to buy is not always feel a taste. " "Little Doll not scared enough."

Andrzej bit surprised, but instantly thought of what some of his horror saw a more color, more color before noticed quickly recovered sight. He already guessed this is where sister next door is properly due. No wonder the boss a stranger not nearly the way, turned out to be not catch sister. I never expected to run for the boss can not handle as well as a woman. The other eye in the end how high, even the boss also frown. But also allowed him to think that he will come Fengcheng first thing is to help the boss to buy a house chasing girlfriend. Andrzej to faint hint of his future had a bad feeling, he must talk it up and leaves Kang. First Sequoia investment suddenly withdrew his investments, straight as bolt from the blue. Before he could digest the news before she rejected his morality and investment initiative to find up, expressed its willingness to reconsider the project, but morality and investment must have absolute controlling stake in the company's high Yongliang. Deliberately high Yongliang had flown abroad for this, both sides see-saw equity allocation for a few days, high Yongliang finally loose mouth, he accounted for 49% stake in the company, morality and investment, compared with 51%. Yan is no more fed pet, but he used a large black clever responses to the kitten does not feel anything. He looked down to appease the forehead and kissed Ling Xi Lu, Lu Ling Xi know that these changes are caused by fear of the panel. "Konishi want more." The more patience Yan said: "You say the kitten was born in the soil decontamination, good environment, good air, kitten scope of activities in the surrounding community, but also normal body than other healthy kitten As clever cat's IQ is already high, it should not be part of abnormality. " She put sufficient momentum, Lu Ling Xi is still unwilling to let go, "I do not want to go to school, I want to work."

"Thank you, Grandpa." Lu Ling Xi thanked the smiling, Yan took more swiftly ran inside. What Wang Shuxiu say, I hesitated for a long or waved Lu Ling Xi go wash your face. Taking advantage of Ling Xi Lu in the bathroom, Wang Shuxiu pout to a booklet stuffed Lu Ling Xi portable archive. She thought for a night, that can only be the case.High-light Dyestuff Lu Ling Xi did not react, the Yen has pulled him step back. They looked up to see a little yellow monkey crouched not far from the trees, the flowers in his hand does not know what the fruits of landing Lingxi direction to try it. In this case, however seven, also reveals a bright horizon. This street is not remote, roadside occasional pedestrian hurried. Lu Ling Xi confused touched big black head, I do not know in the end is a big black aware of what?

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