Ethyl Crotonate

Lu Ling Xi rain to put flowers at the door moved back to the store, some worried looking out of the sky. Less than five powerful dark, visibility is very low. Like this certainly can not go to a flower garden, a large black plum over there do not need to take care of his uncle to worry, he is now worried so much rain, how the Yen back. Lu Ling Xi: "......" Lu Ling Xi shook his head, spread the quilt found wearing shorts.

Lu Ling Xi breathing agreed loudly. The door, the door was about to face the hand put down directly turned to leave the Yin family. Yan laughed more deliberately looked around again, "that carry more than two boxes of it?" Lu Ling Xi shook his head, "My mother let me carry two boxes of it." Lu Ling Xi, a lazy stretch waist to climb out of bed, big black woke up early, had been squatting on the bed and keep landing Ling Xi. Yen more glanced at him, "I'm cheap so good account of." Xiaye Ban Wang Shuxiu just come back, the cell door to buy milk. Her dislike fried fritters oil is not clean, come back and face their own baked bread. Wang Shuxiu even Hanliaoliangsheng, the bed has still not happened. She suddenly dissatisfied look to the around, hands on his hips high channel: "Which idiot said my son woke up and you look at it, wake up a hair??" Yan can not own more kiss landing Ling Xi, greedily devouring his breath. Finally his sanity still in the car when someone came, dismay liberalized Lu Ling Xi. He gently put Lu Ling Xi forehead burst collated discuss: "Do you want us Con noon they asked a few to eat a meal, be to celebrate."

Ye Kang cheek in the micro-gardening spend an afternoon, evening shouting to ask Miss Ling Xi dinner. Lu Ling Xi Guan micro-gardening, politely refused the invitation leaf Kang. He had to go flowerbed trip to Lee's brother to plants ready to come out. Say, a flower garden to want to re-sign the contract is not difficult, difficult is the small courtyard resale. Strictly speaking Hua Guonong village homestead is not allowed to transfer, but the transfer of privately and in fact a lot, then we should look at each of the means.

Lu Ling Xi put away the phone, thinking to see rubescens. This look really shocked. Noon, lush, lush rubescens very long, a quick afternoon withered, the leaves all off a clean. Plant Name: ChlorophytumEthyl Crotonate Ye Kang waited a long time until such a sentence, at a moment asked: "? Split personality," he thought continue to ask: "? You say that people usually do anything unusual." "Discharge?" Suddenly hear Miss Ling Xi Wang Shuxiu proposed stunned for a moment, then up fierce opposition, "Your body has not been recovered, what the hospital."

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