Methyl 3-aminocrotonate

"Good boy! Good boy!" One leaves home is optimistic about the real estate market Fengcheng people. They have a strong financial background and the natural patron Yecheng, can be expected if the shot leaves home, for fear that no company can compete in the past. Father leaves reciprocated, specially shout Yan together more investment, more color was refused. He not only refused, Kang also recommended leaf leaves persuade Father to give up this plan. Kang Ye understand, the more color is not much to explain what. Out of the trust Yan Yue, Yan Ye Kang followed more together back in Beijing. He is now in front of the Father are also considered to put on it, how can not let Father should try to abandon the project. "Mom, I Yan brother and a way home. A little on the high-speed traffic jam, probably home evening."

"Come on, before eating, but also has a few dishes will be OK." Lu Yan a water head hit the car, loudly: "I am not a man, I am sorry for the wife and kids, I put the money at home and lost the lot, people called me live." "Who is the king of flowers you bring back, like watching your son ah?" "It did not rain?" Zheng New River puzzled look to the outside, but also from a confused. They Yuehua Jian, anesthetic failure woke up big black Lu Ling Xi heard muffled voices have cried. "What?" Yan the lips smiling. Bai Wei to the small restaurant is certainly no problem, but ...... Lu Ling Xi worried and said: "Bai Shushu agree?" "Boss?" Video corner, Yan Jie noted go more in God, whispered cautioned. Lu Ling Xi lips bent a faint smile, and so the color one to one to chat up. I do not know how long, Wang Shuxiu pounding on the door to remind him go to bed early, she would go to bed. Ling Xi Lu some confusion promised a cry, rapid heart suddenly jumped up bang bang bang. He did not understand how it happened, but obviously you want to go out to accompany Yan Big Brother chat will be days, why do bad things like the same.

The audience's attention has shifted to the leaf Father's head. Father's eyes flashed a cunning means to make a gesture to give up. Not surprisingly, co-P won land. Yan Shihui was proud of Montreal directed leaf Father nodded, not saying a word pulled Father Kang leaf straight out of the meeting. Falls around the eyes is more like a competition failure angry departure. Easy route several people apparently are not used now Ling Xi Lu, in accordance with their former brothers want to meet a few people naturally want dearly, what can not remember Lu Ling Xi, is more strange to speak of the past few rude, become gentle up . If the usual, easy route would have to slap Ling Xi Lu, "loaded, so that you have installed." Lu Ling Xi can now facing, it is how he can not make this slap. Leading man in several prestige among the highest, so he said, there will be no objection to other people. Where that were high and strong man along the direction they face with the past, the few remaining people back to the depths of the rainforest again. Go before leading man looked daggers at the little tree, a monkey, little monkey creak cried, clutching the hands of a man's head toward the fruit to drop.

White Courtyard is an antique building, between the inside of the package is a separate separated small yard. Environment is very quiet, even with a pet, do not worry affect others. Xiao Feng Xiao Hung call the car, and so when they find the package gave between Xiao Hong has been waiting at the gate for them. Lu Ling Xi relieved, touched a large black head, praise and said: ".. Black is very smart, but also sensible and talented people like it a lot, and I also rushing to raise black stuff"Methyl 3-aminocrotonate White panel again surfaced. Dead plants, whether consumed a little force of nature saved? Yan did not explain more directly reported an address to several specific cell floor a few doors several households. "I want to buy this house, you find a way to get the owner as soon as possible."

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