The blue cyanine B

Lu Ling Xi: "......" Studio boss by his side, along with Xiao Feng talking. Pity he said: "If you like a summer photo shoot we can go to the beach with sea view series sets out everywhere now bare, only to shoot indoors, some of the aggrieved sister-in-law..." He was still dazed room, the little boy has been excited and said: "I can, I can understand A yellow words." Lu Ling Xi ranging from what kind of response, the little boy has just keep happy and said:. "A yellow"

Ling Xi Lu in the ward where the inpatient department on the third floor, his impression inpatient unit on the first floor entrance hall decorated with pots of big leaf green radish, or mobility was the last time he saw the nurse pushed to the floor according to CT. He and the only mining surplus in Ann who spent so much of the mind, in the end they became the only selfishly forced Ann alive, they sorry for him. Luguang Jing really do not know in the end what went wrong? Why would become the only safe now? He remembered how a child is the only safe and well-behaved, with the mining surplus feeling how good, can not remember the blink of an eye everything looks like a. He did not finish, but the meaning is clear. Yan laughed more, "Rest assured, this study is very investment value. Commissure Temple Group and Lu Branch Group have heart, you want to win we have to work harder." Easy route dress and went to the hospital the day while watching Lu Ling Xi almost big black skull t-shirt, holes in jeans, his face with hair is colorful, just like the poster person Lu Ling Xi before the pack to come out the same. "There are so when the father do?" "Black!" Lu Ling Xi tilted called Black loudly. Lu Ling Xi watched its behavior, Tian brother suddenly remembered the words before, almost to tears watching it, "Is it because Tian brother and say, ah?" Along this topic trio chatted up. Kang Ye do not know what plant evolution, only that the air is improving Fengcheng environmental effects caused by the New Deal, but he is not optimistic about the long-term future Fengcheng. The industrial city of Fengcheng, the most important is the economic pillar of coal and steel. But had these two are the most serious environmental pollution two. Fengcheng new mayor, although the main environmental protection, but it is impossible for the economic development of laissez-faire attitude. His trees everywhere in Fengcheng, also closed a number of small steel mills incomplete procedures, in terms of overall environmental Fengcheng only palliative. Species more, as long as the adjustment of industrial structure Fengcheng not want to completely avoid contamination can not. Besides the five-year term of office of the mayor, the mayor left who knows the next mayor will be arrested or caught economy environmental protection? Yongchun vegetable greenhouses

"why?" Wang Shuxiu original gas to death, to see this scene could not help but laugh. "That's what you say you want to keep the dog?" Wang Shuxiu shut the door, rushed landing Ling Xi asked one. Xiao Hong and Xiao Man in Fengcheng to live down, every day Xiao Feng driving a car pull back something. The Northwest home specialties, specifically for Xiao Hong and Lu Ling Xi Wang Shuxiu gifts prepared mess filled the trunk. The more unexpected Yan shook his head, "a child is not sensible thought so, and later on do not mind." "Good noisy!" Lu Ling Xi efforts numerous times and finally out of the mouth. He thought he was very loud, but it fell on the ears of people around tantamount murmured. Fortunately, this will ward no one to speak, Wang Shuxiu listening to the positive, and immediately crouched in front of him.

Lu Ling Xi surprised, but more of a surprise he was also not found. "Yan brother how did you come here?" Ling Xi Lu Sheng Wang Shuxiu side to porridge, lift the sentence. That she looked almost red tomatoes, they readily eat a wash. I did not expect to eat tomatoes taste in your mouth sand sweet, juicy and tasty, did not hold back finished eating one, until the work is mouth aftertaste taste tomatoes. Later, as long as she was at home, nothing to eat tomatoes, wash, even with all the various cooking tomatoes.The blue cyanine B Lu Ling Xi said, vivid, Fang Lei imagined small stones and yellow A look could not help laughed. Korea is known as the old man is very complex, immediately hold Clivia arms to the front of Ling Xi Lu.

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