Methyl Crotonate

"Hurry, green light." She is also forty-two, and with the words of Lin Mei is not young, even if she is no way even the best maintenance and KTV inside those flower girl fight the tender. Wang Shuxiu not do not know the reason, but she really did not know resigned can do, we can not let the little bastard possessor of her, right? She was still young, do not want to become a burden on the Ling Xi Lu. Besides Lu Ling Xi eighteen, and immediately in relation to marry and have children, Wang Shuxiu Lu Ling Xi also thinking about saving money to buy a house. Now the little girl are powerful, not many are willing to live with her mother, she is not the kind of disagreeable people have to work or how to count money. Lin also said the United States just right, her body is really unable to go. If there is a slight illness broke down, think a little asshole who followed serve, Wang Shuxiu feel distressed. He hurried to the backyard, he saw a shadow clinging to the fence, one leg was a large black vicious bite in your mouth, how can not break open.

Small black snake before dawn finally untie themselves settled. It is confusing to read a long time, eyes resting on the edge of the carton. Xiao Feng smiled, equally polite, "Mr. Yen." Because the relationship between early peak, more and Yan Lu Ling Xi stop and go back to the micro-gardening had almost nine. This kind of thing is very common, they have prepared. Poor fit to do so will only bad reputation, long-term look at the eyes a little too short-sighted, especially for a new biotechnology companies. Not to mention the main of this study was Huo Weiping, just prior to Huo Weiping Zhang along the way, as long as the brain is not pumping Huo Weiping, the final winner is bound to them. Yan did not say more but he still has the killer - plant evolution, which is co-P can not be done in any case. Neighbors watched want to say anything, small courtyard doors open timely, Lai Lai four three brothers stood in the doorway, and loudly:. "Brother, sister-in-law you finally come back, waiting for you to eat." "Anyway you still blame me eccentric." Yanshi Hui angrily. Wait until this series of things on the right track, time is the beginning of October. Xiao Feng do not know where I heard a supply Wang Shuxiu worry about winter vegetables with a cub in a few people who have looked after the vegetable market Fengcheng, decided to Qiu Tian gardening flower garden vegetable garden, where the greenhouse used vegetables. Xiao Feng's name out there, he just started preparations for the original card room near several small restaurants immediately look over, and Xiao Feng wanted to cooperate. White said Xiao Feng also think they can cover a. They knew that the police is unclear. Fang Lei after the hospital received the alarm, rushed to the hospital immediately. Then they hospitalized patients and those related relatives launched an investigation, but did not find anything unusual. Knowing these people are residents songjiazhuang after Fang Lei and non-stop with people arrived songjiazhuang. Yen more surprised, "Wrong? I remember the first crossroads turn right to the east."

Lu Ling Xi: "...... wrong." Lu Ling Xi originally discovered this fact when really surprised for a long time. His body was no longer his familiar body, no past pale and thin, the new body was covered filled with a kind of vigorous vitality. The only way to find a way past the shadow of his face, two faces faint thirty-four similar points, but now this beautiful face more refined, more able to see this body mother look. Yen more expression unchanged, casually told: "Let her die." Lu Ling Xi do not know what happened, a surgery done, he is no longer the young Sun Luling Lu Jia Jing West, but somehow appeared in Fengcheng, became two days have seen the woman's son Lu Ling Xi. Xiao Feng Shenran, floret It is not thought to open it. Yan Ling Xi widening landing, he explained: "This little monkey is no malice, Konishi since you should be able to feel what it reminds the front, for security reasons before we leave here."

Ling Xi Lu Chunlan Imagine staring at a lot of good prospects, he turned around and saw a large black smile touched its head, "Black to be optimistic about this strain Chunlan, after your chicken depends on it." Ten minutes later, a roadside tricycle turned into a small village. The village called West Village, located in the east songjiazhuang, far away from here Fengcheng city, the location is very remote. Now is the time to eat at noon, the village basically no one. Into a woman from the village became wary, her sleeping baby in the seat below, all the attention is staring at the small stone. Just a small stone is not barking, from the outside will not find that there is also a child. Their family's small three is specially designed for them usually is with children easy access.Methyl Crotonate Xiao Feng is not that night, after dinner the Yan reluctantly back wall, leaving only the 101 Lu Ling Xi and Wang Shuxiu mother and son. Lu Ling Xi Han Zhu Wang Shuxiu ready to return to the room, put a card in front of her. Fengcheng is located in northern China, the country, the location is not far from the capital of China in Beijing, the country, is a considerable scale heavy industry city. By summer, the street is very busy, busy endless flow of people, young and old, or hasty pace or leisurely look, the city vibrant, Lu Ling Xi moment to look into God. In the past lujia he rarely went out, even though most also go to the hospital, at the time of oppression and tense atmosphere, he did not feel looked at the outside world. This is his first serious look at a city, so fresh, not through video and text, but rather his own eyes.

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