Disperse Dyestuff

Lu Ling Xi explained:. "I've worked here." His movement attracted the attention of Lu Ling Xi Lu Ling Xi puzzled back, Yan directed at the more shallow smile. "Good!" Yan more look the same, even the curvature of the mouth did not change.

Kang Ye spirits, the Yen suddenly do not want to say, "Never mind, I'll hang up." Therefore, although this time the cell environment changing, but everyone Actually, I'm think of any other. In addition to Lu Ling Xi was uneasy, we say it all the credit to the new mayor removed the garbage dump of this initiative, the conversations of the new mayor impression doubled. Lu Ling Xi: "Yan brother said fourth day, but he should do a lot over there, the fourth day may not be able to come back." Lu Ling Xi back, Zhanglao suddenly laughed, hearty and said:. "I think it is looking at all the way Konishi, Zhao old man I am not wrong it." Yan Yue mean to him out of all his money, not a penny Lu Ling Xi pure technology shares, and of course the bank card inside three hundred thousand he would not close, just as his upfront. Lu Ling Xi how this proposal can not agree, the two men insisted that half of the money, accounting for more color and to share the bulk of micro-gardening. Lu Ling Xi think he has been regarded as an advantage, and White said he and his money are actually Yan Yue. It can be seen through the white panel, several strains of seedlings planted his backyard growing on trees is not the same. Not because of lack of water dead, but because of severe soil acidification leads to soil compaction, root saplings already weak, so that stretch more difficult, simply can not be absorbed into the soil of nutrients. He turned back to the storm two weeks ago, so if more than a few times, I do not know what the environment will deteriorate into. Taking advantage of Lu Ling Xi lock the door, the more polite to Zhang Yan said: "Konishi take my car on the line, could lead the way in front of you." The day before the opening, easy route to drive to the spirit of water village where a trip to the flower garden, holding Lee uncle received a number of dishes back. And Uncle Lee has greeted before Lu Ling Xi, Yi-Hang Lee marathon flowerbeds with Grandpa cooked. Not to others, Lee has helped his uncle are somehow. Wang Shuxiu watched him sneer toward a water landing spat loudly around the front: "The people say can not wash your dirty linen in public, I am not afraid of a joke Wang Shuxiu this man is the father of my son, my son was hospitalized so. days, he not only did not take a look, but also stole my son's life-saving money out of gambling. stealing money, he said he still misses the TV drama point hospital deposit, to lie to my son discharged water you land a TM to shame! "

Plant Chlorophytum meet demand, the heart of the plant reward +1. Lu Ling Xi looked strange, three teenagers: "......"

Ye Kang laughed, narcissistic and said:. "You know, as the most outstanding student professor Susan, if I would like cliches, Sulang is simply not aware of." Back in Beijing the next day, the Yen saw the grandfather Yinyong De.Disperse Dyestuff Lu Ling Xi hear amnesia, man lengleleng "really amnesia?" Wang Shuxiu sat down on the side of Lu Ling Xi. Lu Ling Xi quietly watching her did not speak.

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