Fluorescent Disperse Dyestuff

Yen more paused, mouth brought back, "I did not. Just one thing I want to do my own thing, do not like people from my hand grab. If so, then the altogether who also do better." "Ah?" Lu Ling Xi look puzzled. Bearer eyes flashed a touch of color, act decisively, "I bought this pot begonia."

Lu Wang Shuxiu is a fear of the water to catch him, so it rushed to pull the landing Lingxi running a hospital. Just did not think Lu Ling Xi is not in the ward, which led him to find a long delay time, the result was Wang Shuxiu caught a behind. Strange to say he is too greedy. These days he lost a lot of money on the outside, to think of home and asked Wang Shuxiu money, Wang Shuxiu money are ready to Lu Ling Xi hospital, how could give him. He secretly took advantage of Wang Shuxiu did not pay attention to take the money did not say, still misses Wang Shuxiu mentioned hospital deposit. Bent on carrying landing Ling Xi Wang Shuxiu to coax discharged say. Right after just this side of the bamboo production preparations are on track, and Huo Weiping Sulang rubescens on clinical trials achieved a breakthrough. Northern suburb bazaars considerable scale, the outermost rows of small houses, business, people live, when the warehouse use, very confusing. Black searches focus here. One person, one dog and a half laps to go, big black suddenly paused live, furry face with a human face. She sniffed it down in the street, but did not call out gently bit her Fang Lei legs. Fang Lei you will understand, quietly issued a directive. Ling Xi Lu and Wang Shuxiu compared to land a powerful water now embarrassed. He bitterly over his eyes staring Wang Shuxiu color within the crop Li said: "You crazy woman TM mad, I'm your man and you little bastard, I am your father.." Lu Ling Xi attended primary school located in Jing'an District, Beijing, this time coincides with the summer vacation, the students do not have a school, very quiet. His attitude and good, Wang Shuxiu not good then people rush out, it made them stay in the room, holding his own mug to go outside to do the dishes. Easy Hang Here, look up more and more guilt. Lu Ling Xi do not know what to say, easy route for him to say these stories is like another world. Assault, was caught by the police, entirely beyond his imagination. Wang Shuxiu segment from the police to appear before despite intermittent talk, Lu Ling Xi probably guessed that this body is not quiet, but really did not think the original owner of this body would be a small fry.

Ling Xi Lu insisted that Wang Shuxiu ultimately did not do him, only agreed to let him go on a few days classes look. Lu Ling Xi said seriously, careful planning for Wang Shuxiu these things. Wang Shuxiu heart happy, holding Lu Ling Xi's face in his head Qinliaoyikou.Fluorescent Disperse Dyestuff "Oh, this is a good thing ah!" Tian sister just happier than Ling Xi Lu, put shoveling will help clean up the land Lingxi together. A rare morning to sleep a Lanjue, Lu Ling Xi rubbed his eyes up when Xiao Feng has been with large black outside the lap. As an energetic dog, big black like go for sports. Unfortunately, Lu Ling Xi physically can not keep up, big black and Lu Ling Xi refuses to harm the "self-esteem", followed by Lu Ling Xi rarely enjoy playing, and only the more Yan Xiao Feng and take it out, big black fun to run around .

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