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Xiao Feng hear the plan, Ling Xi Lu thought of tomato seeds own collection, as well as the last system rewards grape seeds. General viticulture is cutting nursery, or direct purchase grape seedlings. Lu Ling Xi reading the explanation, delicious grape seed planting grapes go to bear is not necessarily good, but seeds are planted out seedlings results extremely late, takes about four or five years. Seeds can be no ordinary seed in his hand, the system rewards. Taking into account the effect of planting tomatoes, grape seed Lu Ling Xi is still very reassuring. He did not know how to grow vegetables Peak brother first results, but should help a little better the seed, the second seed out of the tomatoes will certainly be popular, grapes absolutely not bad. Now he is dead, he got into his own life, is not to say that he no longer owes parents, they give him life, they raise his kindness, he finally paid off all. Yan more smiled and nodded, went out onto the unit from the 3 2 unit. Before he could twist open the door, Xiao Feng's phone calls came. Some of the more unexpected Yan, Xiao Feng is that there's anything he could pick up Xiao Feng did not know he was looking for a land and water.

Yan Ling Xi Lu in the hand palm scratched, just let him go. Lu Ling Xi eyes seem to have a smile, more a stare Yan, hastily with the past. Wang Shuxiu there has long been ready, waiting for landing Lingxi take her out. Xiao Feng ingenuity to come up with Lu Ling Xi Wang Shuxiu holding admission, Wang Shuxiu put his hand to the idea. By Xiao Feng's words, it would be him a promise in front of Lu Ling Xi's. He will take care of Wang Shuxiu, let Lu Ling Xi assured. He was such a hesitation, Yanyue Min Rui aware of what to thoughtfully look to the man's direction. Although not see anything, the more his heart was Yan think there is something wrong. His black from the wrist to carry out murmured something, heard a hissing black promised, then drill down to the grass. Soon the effort, several brightly colored snakes from the middle reaches of the grass, the black man driven forward towards the direction of travel. Xiao Feng these remarks prepared for a long time. Although Lu Ling Xi looked cute and naive, for him and Wang Shuxiu things did not object, but Xiao Feng think these words should still say to listen to Miss Ling Xi. He and Wang Shuxiu together, and not just the two of them do, but Lu Ling Xi count three things. Ling Xi Lu is not a child, he is willing to Lu Ling Xi treat as equal adults, Lu Ling Xi given due respect and freedom of choice. Having Ling Xi Lu Xiao Feng did not wait for anything, said Ling Xi Lu hand patted the shoulder, and turned leisurely back to the house. Zhanglao insisted Lu Ling Xi finally accept three hundred thousand. Father fear that the news had been robbed before, keep Zhao looked at the old man for his baby orchid, a man hastily went home to transfer the land Ling Xi. Su Wei recollecting reason Sulang resignation, sigh, vague and said: "A patient is some accident of his men, he had not been influenced by the heart that one and will quit." Lu Ling Xi good move helped Wang Shuxiu, a land of water must have been even play with a kick broke from Wang Shuxiu, the result is such a get Ling Xi Lu, back into the wind. Wang Shuxiu clutching heels heel severely hit land a few water on the forehead, and from his pocket and pulled out a stack of money, schematically Lu Ling Xi let go, pulling the arms landing Lingxi retreated to the side. After the derailment year Yanshi Hui, Yin Yan two actually considered them so that their divorce, their re-marriage. Yin Yan can merge two of the company after a few years, industry all mixed together, on the division of property is a major problem. Yan Yan Yongde then and the grandfather a few times to discuss how to split the property, can not wait for them to negotiate a suitable solution, Yin Qing Lan high-profile says she find her own happiness. Since Yanshi Hui can look for a woman, she can also find other men. Yan from the roadside shop to buy a cup of cold tea with lemon and handed Ling Xi Lu, Lu Ling Xi recovered sight, suddenly took lemon tea, said:. "We return Fengcheng Yan Brother, I think of my mother." "Doctor, how not to wake up my son? Did not you say the surgery done a day or two to wake up? That almost to a week, and you want more money is not the hospital?"

Luheng Chuan assistant interrupted, raising his hand, then looked deeply Wangshu Xiu, Chen Sheng said: "? You know what Lu Lu Jia Ling Xi Renjieguizong means give him, is that you can not always give the" Lu Ling Xi: "......" Dongzhi looked pleased, although the two manifestations of Kazakhstan usually silly and cheap, from the original owner to pet shops to have been lively and naughty, like a little influence are not abandoned, but in fact the two are aware of what the heart of Kazakhstan , or else not be so enthusiastic Ye Kang, a hard to please. Fortunately, Ye Kang Konishi introduce friends, ha Dongzhi think the two to reassure him, just do not worry about two ha adapt to a home they have to re-adapt to another home. Simply let a word once given Ling Xi Lu heart, knees he sat on the bed, holding a cell phone to face more and more messages. "OK, OK, ah, the king of flowers I warn you enough ah!" The land of water hanging arm last no fighting in the hospital, while only beaten while back. "I want to send the wages to buy mom a gift." Lu Ling Xi mouth smile because of the needs of the plant above the word pour fertilizer in the face. Whether it is before Chlorophytum good, green dill or, every requirement is moisture, Lu Ling Xi almost forgot one plant you want to grow well, in addition to water must be outside the other. Such as light, such as fertilizer. Some can watering, fertilizing how should he do? Lu Ling Xi came in contact with the next of several strains of pansy plants both fertilizer demand word. He was a bit difficult for them, I will not speak how to fertilize, fertilizer needed just say come from? Wash his face colorful color, three looks very handsome. One teenager is estimated to be the best and Lu Ling Xi relations, the first opening:. "I'm sorry youngest" He is just knew Lu Ling Xi was heavily damaged and amnesia thing, I did not expect such serious consequences. Lu Ling Xi inexplicable heart stopped a beat, some pointed ears red.

Plant survival degree: low Lu Ling Xi staring low brow survival of plants displayed Weicu, he does not know yet whether the rescue was over.Solvent Dyestuff They cleaned the store's health and simple return home the return home of some odds and ends, Lu Ling Xi off the lights, lock the shop followed by Yan got on the trot. Yan Ling Xi Lu felt more of inattentive, slightly away from the boy, raised an eyebrow, "What are you thinking?"

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