High-wash Dyestuff

Although juvenile naive but not stupid, he does not want his bold and frightened teenager. He let the teenager became accustomed to his presence, slowly accept his transition from stranger to friend. Yen more time studying abroad, and students occasionally go out to play hunting. Good hunter found the prey will have enough patience to wait, set up sets, then prey unknowingly approached a hit in. He had patience, but also have enough confidence. Juvenile is his, very relaxed and the Yen. Yanshi Hui cold channel: "You put the shares sold Yinjialin Chen Hsiu-Yuan, I found myself without any guilt you watched your grandfather worked hard for many years to lay the foundation destroyed in their own hands??" Lu Ling Xi Lu put a water does not take the main entrance from the backyard fence turned the results are coming in big black bite of things to say again, finished touched the big black head, Wang Shuxiu fear will anger big black.

Now that attitude has loose leaf Father, Yan will put down the mind, just concentrate on playing on the accompany Lu Ling Xi. They pass around almost the entire Chukyo, even the leaves have to climb the mountain twice. Lu Ling Xi whim that day, and asked Yan they want do not want to go with him before school places to see. "Little bastard!" Wang Shuxiu smiled and swore, "would say something nice." Chen Zhu to see him like this, could not help but laugh, joked:. "I promise you the hospital, do not come back to find your mother called me irresponsible" Bamboo is a classification Joe undergraduate, also known as bamboo, only a wide range and rapid growth. After listening to the words of Lu Ling Xi, Xue looked through his eyes full of appreciation. Lu Ling Xi said these he will know, but the child of such a serious talk, the more clear with the child's voice, if he customer, he also convinced. "Hiss." Small black snake hiss loudly. "Zheng Zhuren." Zheng Yan more politely with New River to fight say hello. Irrigated to one half into the cashier charged the phone rang, ring tones is specifically for Lu Ling Xi Wang Shuxiu set. As soon as he answered the phone, Wang Shuxiu on Yi Diesheng asked again. Zhanglao eyes light up, catch landing Ling Xi wanted to go see. "Let's go look at Chunlan."

Sulang suddenly, "or injured last thing?" Fang Lei said it is well-intentioned. Before he heard A large black and yellow are stray dogs, I found myself wondering if stray dogs easier to communicate with people? After last encounter the dogs had found that a few stray dogs really clever, can not speak and communicate with people, with large black command execution special place. His mind a move, after finishing the case, the way dogs are put back to the police force. Keep a few days of good eating and drinking, and everything to his satisfaction, just do not listen to him. Fang Lei No way, had the idea of ​​playing in the big black head, make big gang of training them.High-wash Dyestuff They make jokes Lu Ling Xi embarrassed laugh, he curved his eyes did not speak. High Yongliang expect more Yen asked one, "Yan the back?" Weighed carrying dried fish, Fang Lei stroll back to a place to live. Because this is expected to be some time in the Kunlun, Fang Lei and two colleagues together to save money there is no stay in a hotel, but to live in the Kunlun local resident who is not a colleague of a old house.

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