Lu Ling Xi body nothing, he'd like to stay to help, but have not been to the kitchen of his childhood, that he left behind is out of the way, Lu Ling Xi obedient back out and continue to clean up from the house. Fang Lei look dignified, "What? What is the bag? Ordinary snake or cobra? Ask them the number of snakes, look at the number on the can." Xiao Feng did not mind, turned around to see Wang Shuxiu, "Do you want to take a closer look?"

Xiao Feng Yen against the more meaningful nod, the Yen hook the hook mouth, the two reached a tacit consensus. Powell left his side, along with the Yen put down the hands of the notebook, look to the land being bookkeeping Ling Xi. "The guests are just old customers? How I was not impressed?" "Oh." Lu Ling Xi nodded obediently. "Backyard tomatoes really look good, the next time you send seeds met people remember to thank people." Shortly before noon, the micro-gardening temporarily no customers, Lu Yan Ling Xi was thinking of pulling the pair reconciled, he received Wang Shuxiu phone. . "Oh," Su Wei suddenly positive, smiling, said:. "They say that you're a very powerful young man." That night, with the patient ward 17 of the notice can be discharged the next day, the whole ward people are very happy. To the point of sleep on weekdays and has not been sleeping, we are excited together chatting. Lu Ling Xi also for patient 17 was pleased, the other is a big and tall man, we call him Laoding. Ward Lu Ling Xi Min, also the only one who does not need to shout and shout Laoding Dingo. Lu Ling Xi smiled and handed the big black tomatoes, big black n eat, do not know when the fence to jump a little white kitten, directed at the Black Direction "meow" sound. Ling Xi Lu laughed, he knew the cat upstairs Yang grandmother big cat kittens born some time ago. Only two months old, do not look so small, courage is not small, often skip the first floor of the Black provocation. Yi Diesheng called down on the bed juvenile finally opened his eyes.

"No, I came close to something." Xiao Feng laughed, and Lu Ling Xi Wang Shuxiu drove back. Along the way, Lu Ling Xi kept secretly looked forward to Wang Shuxiu expression. Wang Shuxiu pout wanted to ignore him, can not help but look a little soft-hearted bastard, scoff the sentence, "The snake is not poisonous, right?" Lu Ling Xi Sulang find this is something that he would carefully put a flower pot in front of Ling Xi Lu, which is a half yellow seedlings, looking very good state. "Konishi, could you help me look up." Cub dissatisfaction kick his foot, "Go, I also graduated from high school." It soon out of town, the driver is also estimated less encountered such outsiders Zheng New River, excitedly told him all the way. Approaching the spirit of water village, the driver schematically Zheng New River toward the front, "See, the big willow tree is the spirit of water village, next to the house there is a large willow garden, which raised flowers are notoriously good." AGF cell situation here better drainage in the cell although aging badly, but the growth of lush vegetation on the ground trapped locked a lot of rain. The people do not see the place, whether it is a tree or blade of grass, their roots are trying to stretch out the absorption of rainwater storage.

Yan did not how to speak more, seems to have been listening opposite he said. He quickly hung up the phone, apologetic look to Lu Ling Xi, "Konishi I have something to leave for a while, you wait for me in the store, I come home in the afternoon to pick you up." Lu Ling Xi said, vivid, Fang Lei imagined small stones and yellow A look could not help laughed.Ciclopirox "What? New spider plants?" Xue Tong surprise. Around the young man quickly stopping him, "Brother, why fuss with a beast."

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