Xiao Feng enthusiastic response to his pale, schematic Wang Shuxiu, "she said to me that you rent a house." Ling Xi Lu Yen more of the sound was like a charm Norse mythology siren song, Yan toward the uncontrolled took two steps in his direction, hearts desperately clamor a little closer, a little closer again. Fortunately, his self-control to control the behavior of the remaining two legs of the Yen in juvenile step away from the place stopped. After the derailment year Yanshi Hui, Yin Yan two actually considered them so that their divorce, their re-marriage. Yin Yan can merge two of the company after a few years, industry all mixed together, on the division of property is a major problem. Yan Yan Yongde then and the grandfather a few times to discuss how to split the property, can not wait for them to negotiate a suitable solution, Yin Qing Lan high-profile says she find her own happiness. Since Yanshi Hui can look for a woman, she can also find other men.

They find no one to hold back the Yen, also received this message leaves Kang is incredibly curious. "You did not seem anxious?" Wang Chaoliang see the landing Lingxi laugh:. "Uncle Wang, but stick your Konishi bare" Plant Requirements: None Closing time before micro-gardening, the large black police sent back. Sulang sighed and nodded. "Collective cyanide poisoning. From the very beginning midnight yesterday after another patient gets here, I heard that a village." Sulang some students in this hospital work, he came to have something personal today, most students are catching up busy time. Leaning Sulang analysis like this massive cyanide poisoning, the only reason will be the village drinking water is polluted, it is likely that someone deliberately poisoning. Apparently the hospital and he would like, after the patient receives a certain amount of alarm decisive choice, and now the police have been involved in this thing. Thought flashed, flour panel suddenly appeared line prompt. Grandma Wang heard nothing, Lu Ling Xi down the heart. Black came from Wang Chaoliang has been quietly squatted beside Lu Ling Xi, the tall ears cocked, listening to a serious expression. Yan received the message back, Yen butler soon welcome over. "Master." Ling Xi Lu Xiao Feng did not know going to grapes, but is holding his attitude to please species, he is now ready to shut the shop and went to the Yan Ling village water trip. Before out of the city, the Yan drove him around in a circle in Fengcheng, specifically look for them before the purified looked at several places.

"Also cold?" Songjiazhuang what happened, several villages around all know. I heard gold youngest woke up the first thing is to shut down the plastics plant. He was not prepared to stay in this awful place, the group is not just a dog a dog, all into a fine. Lu Ling Xi Wang Shuxiu surprise looked reply, opened the shop across the street and ran quickly ran Dongzhi there. Lu Wang Shuxiu a water did not really think that, you can look at the big black is seriously. He then refused to take any moment, scratching and scrambling dragging leg opened the door and ran. Big black bluff slowly walked to the door called out to hear the water out of the land a "whoops" what is estimated to be run in the dark do not know what a hit. Lu Ling Xi had just been sent to the hospital when they came, when Lu Ling Xi still wore a non-mainstream Rattus teenager. Xu is convenient to the hospital's sake, a young yellow hair were shaved with a clean, only a short board inch. His face painted colorful also washed off, clean face, coupled with the image of his mother's appearance is, indeed, a beautiful teenager. Police serious expression unconscious ease down, smiled kindly at him. He said in all seriousness, two fly holding his stomach laughing death, ridicule: "gained you know the word ah?" Black heard the cry of an old dog, majesty responded loudly, then trot squatted in front of Ling Xi Lu. It does not eat, and that a few Goucai timidly around him. Lu Ling Xi touched the big black head, looked up at the big black affectionately rub the rub his palm, whispered cried.

Xiao Feng mentioning small Menlian the price is right, location is also convenient, Wang Shuxiu a bit of motivation, thinking telephoned Lu Ling Xi go with her to see. Teenage opening named Yi-Hang, Lu Ling Xi is a neighbor, the oldest of four. Prior to the performance of the most clever boy called Zheng sigh, Ling Xi Lu large than three months. The remaining white boy called far surpasses Ling Xi Lu small for a month. Four former junior high school students, can be considered small to play with the big, middle school together and later dropped out, four more are inseparable, good to wear a pair of pants.Crotamiton Yen Vietnam are naturally not object. Lu Ling Xi listening to asked one, "Andy now how about it?" "I know." Wang Shuxiu anger at him. Xiao Feng Wang Shuxiu smile touched the belly, feeling the child's activities under the palms, look to Wang Shuxiu eyes very gentle, "What would you like flowers? I bought one."

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