High-light Dyestuff

Xiao Feng smiled helplessly, and her brother's family raised the Tibetan mastiff pedigree is very good, unruly temper, it encountered wolves rushed to a dare, is to be played a million names Xiao brother, gave the momentum did not call . Lu Ling Xi grateful smile, but still shook his head. "Thank you, I'm not going to study, I'm looking for a job." "Do you live around here?" Lu Ling Xi curious. The last two days he frequently encountered in the Yen the pet store, feed noon when a large black color more in, and now met, Ling Xi Lu Yan only that more lives nearby.

"Laoxue you can ah!" High Yongliang force patting Xue through the shoulder, "Where's this flower, how early do not move out? What kind of flower garden can be planted on a large scale it? Floral stable? The smell is absolutely on the city It is unique. " Wang Chaoliang face grew mad as a hatter, he always felt this small black snake seemed to be spoiled, just like in the hands of Yan had been wronged, the same complain to find Lu Ling Xi. He shook his head and flashed the idea, I feel really confused. Lu Ling Xi amnesia now have become accustomed to this excuse, he smiled and shook his head, "the body all right, that is, or what can not remember." "mom……" Lu Ling Xi nodded, eyes sparkling watching the Yen. Yan could not bear to let him down more and nodded, "Good." Land and water is a curse of a depressed, people are seeing around toward Wang Shuxiu speak, he estimated that today can not account for what is cheap, and bitterly lost a few hard words, pushed the crowd Mamalielie away. He said a few words, and soon hung up the phone. Teenage opening named Yi-Hang, Lu Ling Xi is a neighbor, the oldest of four. Prior to the performance of the most clever boy called Zheng sigh, Ling Xi Lu large than three months. The remaining white boy called far surpasses Ling Xi Lu small for a month. Four former junior high school students, can be considered small to play with the big, middle school together and later dropped out, four more are inseparable, good to wear a pair of pants. Yi-Hang Lu Ling Xi eyes fell on a light blue t-shirt and white shorts above, think the two go together, image, like small fry kidnapped as a good student, really dissonant powerful. His helpless scratched the hair, by landing Lingxi home and took a shower, a random set of Wang Shuxiu do not know when to buy land Lingxi pink t-shirt, jeans before wearing, clean face, bitter forced to see the landing Ling Xi.

There are other people to follow quipped, Wang Shuxiu more happy. Lu Ling Xi: "......"High-light Dyestuff Lu Ling Xi breathing agreed loudly. Xiao Feng spent ten years in Fengcheng, it was the first time such a situation. He simply pulled down the window and looked probe, not only roadside willow, reach into the head, the curb on the street on both sides of the brick crevices, as long as the soil is bare | exposed place is an emerald green. He shook his head, and some uncertainty, "is probably the sea, warm weather it again this year."

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